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This is absolutely beautiful...

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this .......... "WHISPERS"

I just watched as my neighbor's son pulled his car into the driveway and his mother brought her grandchild and his nephew to the screen door. Then she placed a chair 10 feet away.and only then was her son allowed to get out to yell hi I love you to his 2 year old nephew from a distance and then he left. This is a family where they all gathered EVERY day for the last 2 years - even two weeks ago hugging and playing with this lovable little boy. This uncle has sat on the floor playing and loving him yet now he is denied any physical contact - WHY????  Not one person besides Raya speaks up. I went into Publix today after being denied more than 2 packages of pork chops that had been cut down from multipacks to 2 measly chops and I had my rant to the whole checkout lane. I asked the 2 young cashiers WHY they would not stand up for their Constitutional rights and not speak up when a capitalistic company limits your protein purchases for NO reason. There is plenty of pork being sent to China! 

Trump is stripping us of ALL our rights and freedoms each day and silence. My neighbors are pathetic and do nothing as their well adjusted grandson is now learning that ALL people are to be distrusted and NEVER touched. They do nothing -why? 

Trump stripped everyone of their HIPPA medical privacy rights and now police in Altamonte Springs have every name and address of each person who tested positive and are watching. A man left his home to go get food and was told by police NO leaving for any reason for the full time until he is told he can leave. AND NOT one person cared how that man was going to get food and necessities to live - what have we become?  The police are the politbureau not the people to be praised. Trump has started a unfounded fear in everyone that goes down to the local mayors and police. Does anyone in the country understand basic science. This virus isn't going to stop existing and GOD determines your future and when it is your time he will take you - not earlier and not later. You can't get back what has been stripped away not out of scientific sense but out of fear of a disease that most of us probably had even last year. 

I listened yesterday in shock that Trump's HHS secretary was encouraging everyone to come join wonderful obamacare if you lost your job. BUT the only reason you lost your job and your wonderful insurance was because of trump's ignorance of disease, infection control and surrounding himself with BAD people NOT the best. We all promised to take a chance to save the country BUT always be ready to say STOP he's wrong but now that it is time to say this - silence as he puts everyone into socialized medicine. Once he adds tens of thousands to Obamacare do you really think he can pull out the rug and can it if the supreme court rules it is unconstitutional? He gets burned on this in a debate. Trump NOT Yang implemented a paycheck for every person - is that what you all want? And Trump sits silent as people in Kentucky are forced to wear ankle monitors because they tested positive for a disease yet they may not even be contagious! 

I went to Walmart and other store today. It is the most disgusting experience in my life. As a RN, I watch as workers wearing gloves touch the ground then touch the cart handles and cover it with bacteria that can cause disease. Then the customer wearing gloves they think is skin touches the handles. Where have those gloves been - they admit online that they have worn them even into the bathroom never changing them. Now they pick up even more potentially disease causing germs and start toughing EVERY piece of produce and move on to the meat section - touching and leaving behind ecoli, listeria, staph and who knows what else. I stop at each worker who forced me to stand in a certain spot yet they are contaminating everything as well. Where are the health inspectors and WHY are they not working overtime to prevent the food borne illnesses that occurs from bad sanitary practices? All of us are now more likely to get sick from these unsanitary conditions that are definitely happening behind closed doors in restaurants with NO ONE inspecting. I have watched people at Taco bell come back to a shift when the inside was open and NEVER wash their hands and believe the gloves were protection so what is happening now? AND why doesn't anyone care?????

I have been on this site and many others as people ranted "NO ONE will ever take my weapons. We will march together" YET Trump with one virus had pushed everyone apart unable to collect and organize and silence - WHY? 

I cried for the little 2 year old but I am the only one upset. His family doesn't care and is so scared of nothing that they OBEY to the detriment of this little boy. I yelled to the family  ( even though I was around them when they had colds a month ago - heaven forbid they would come into my yard!) I said I hoped they were emailing Trump demanding their life back but they are good little ants that march inside and close the door as they are told. AM I the only one besides Raya left that is getting more and more angry each day as I am being denied my rights to assemble and even travel across county and state lines to visit my family or go to the beach? 

I lived in a town with many Holocaust survivors and was taught about Hitler for many school years. Everyone has been taught yet no one learned. We aren't in ghettos but this is the beginning of prohibiting freedom of movement and every other freedom that is our God given rights - yet silence. Did anyone learn from the Holocaust or will we all sit and say thank you as we are more and more restricted being denied a hug and kiss from our families? What are all of you waiting for - this only gets more and more restrictive - the virus doesn't just stop on April 30th. Walmart was rows and rows of yellow tape preventing anyone from even touching a shirt or pants on a rack - yet silence - everyone being good little ants - moving and stopping when told but then forced together in a group of 30 all next to each other at registers because you MUST pay so who cares where you are standing - make sure to swipe that card. Trump is yelling about 3M  masks but there isn't a shortage - the employees and customers sure could buy them. probably from China!

We made a HUGE mistake. There are no heroes and no saving America for our children and a virus made us care about ourselves more than the world we are leaving them. This IS our president teaching people how to live in instant fear and stay apart. He keeps repeating to never again shake a hand - WHY? A forced flu shot and forced wearing of a polypropylene mask that all of you believe is so safe caused such anaphylaxis and permanent chemical allergies that I lost my job and basically have to live apart to avoid the chemicals. I would give anything to have one day that I could walk into a restaurant and just order without asking for the breakdown on every ingredient. Yet all of you have now joined my awful world and willingly gave up your freedoms - why?

I gave away my freedoms to just go anywhere I want without planning and knowing the environment when I didn't say no to the forced flu shot and forced shaming with the mask. I will NEVER allow anyone to take away the freedoms I have left. YET I am alone fighting for my family and all of you and your families and only silence - why?

We NEED to unite to stand up or who knows where this ends. We could all walk out into the street, embrace and most likely nothing would happen yet we are too scared - why? It ONLY takes every American united to stand up and say NO MORE! When are the REAL CONSERVATIVES going to speak up TOGETHER and develop a plan to end this????? I WILL speak out every time I am in a line - Trump and Florida hasn't stripped me of my right to free speech but I'm sure that will come soon. What is the next step the giant has gone back to sleep and may be dead!

And Raya I pray every night that you are staying well through this and receiving all your treatment plan. 









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