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Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced the national unemployment rate reached 10.2 percent during the month of October:

"Families across this nation are devastated by the reality of a 26-year high unemployment rate. It's hard to find a friend or a neighbor who hasn't been touched by today's news that the national unemployment rate is 10.2 percent. The challenges facing our families and small businesses are obvious to those who are listening. Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership has turned a deaf ear to the concerns voiced by countless citizens, and the American people are paying the price.

"The American people want to know why Congress is forcing through the Pelosi plan for a government takeover of health care instead of a plan that will help create jobs. Concerned citizens don't understand why their elected officials can't work together to create jobs and bring relief to families hurting in the city and on the farm. It is time Democrat leaders abandon their endless pursuit of government-run health care and begin working on bipartisan solutions that will put the American people back to work."



"....nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation"


"When paper currency is ordered printed by crooked politicians, to cover their own excesses, thereby de-valuing the worth of every dollar printed, have they not devalued your savings, home equity, investments, and pension plans, without your consent?"




The recent revelations of ACORN’S nefarious methods tell of a systematic, intentional terrorist attack upon the very lifeblood of Capitalism. But only the surface has been scratched to date.

The crashing timbers of the Mortgage Meltdown, in hindsight, became firmly rooted in the corrupt soil of the Act, COMMUNITY RE-INVESTMENT ACT (CRA), in late 2005, after the leftists wrested control of the U.S. House of Representatives. U.S. Representative Barney Frank, (Notorious for running a homosexual brothel in his residence), of Mass-ACHOO-setts, (hold your nose or you will sneeze), and Senator Chris Dodd, became chairmen of the powerful banking and finance committees .

Their deliberate, systematic dissimilation of the Underwriting rules for Mortgage Lending could, in retrospect, have only have had one esoteric purpose: To destroy the financial integrity of the currency of the United States. When banks, later vilified by leftists and portrayed as greedy, power-hungry capitalists, did the only rational thing prudent bankers could do (bundled all those non-performing bad loans into what evolved into Mortgage-backed Securities, selling them in the Securities Markets), the trap was sprung. When those securities, known as ‘Derivatives’ began to crumble as the never-qualified ‘homeowners’ defaulted on their mortgages, to put it in the terms of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ...”America’s chickens came home to roost”. Mortgage insurers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack were then exposed for the corporate welfare dependants they, in reality, were. The American Taxpayer was irrevocably ‘stuck’ with the bill.

When banks and other lenders could no longer properly UNDERWRITE their risks, they were doomed. Article 5 of the Communist Manifesto was then fulfilled:

“Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.”......this was the seed of financial collapse.

Therefore, the SEEDS of destruction were planted, in 1848, 157 years before. The irrigation for this prolificacy was the seditious, insidious water of systematic infiltration of our institutions by patient, dedicated fanatics, all calling themselves “fellow travelers” in the long march to communism. ACORN had been aptly named. A seed. And one of the chief harvesters of that bad seed is now the sitting chief executive of our Nation. Our Commander-in Chief.

Now we see evidence of preparations for the planned collapse of the Healthcare Insurance System. When an insurance company is mandated to insure an event such as a fire, an accident, or a pre-existing disease, after the fact, then it no longer insures. It merely awaits the further orders it will receive from the puppet-master politicians that rule it. Law no longer rules. Only the men that make it. And we have become a society of men, not laws.

All is arbitrary.

According to the Bill of Rights, amendment # V:

".......nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation".
I interpret this as meaning that money I earn becomes my property, and if I choose to buy things with my money, I therefore have good title to all those goods and services I buy with my money, and all real or chattel property or earned money I manage to accumulate, or save, and the appreciation derived thereof through compound interest or investment.

Ironically, Article 5 of the communist manifesto states that they want to control the currency and all means of finance. Whenever a government prints more and more paper currency to cover their own unwise expenditures, whenever a government prints more and more of its currency to advance a socialist agenda, they have diminished my status as a citizen, thereby stealing from me my economic freedom. Paper currency, printed and circulated in the economy of a nation irresponsibly, is the most insidious form of tyranny. The more of it that is printed, the less value each monetary unit (the dollar) becomes. “Full faith and credit” no longer applies. It would render a nation’s currency worthless, and therefore destroy that nation. . Why not just send each citizen their own printing press, if their true goal is to eliminate poverty? Would doing this solve any fiscal problems, or would it destroy the very foundations of freedom? There is no freedom without economic freedom.

Isn’t that what just happened with the bailouts? Haven’t the liberals in congress, and the socialist President, devalued our currency and ruined our credit with these huge appropriations? Isn’t the true agenda behind all of the fear mongering to destroy the capitalist system? What better way to bring on a new socialist order than to render the currency of a nation worthless?

Is your property worth less today than it was in 2008, or more?

...Is your money worth less, or more? The answer is obvious.

My question is thus:

" Doesn't the income tax, or the indiscriminate printing of fiat currency, violate my fifth amendment protection against government's taking of private property without just compensation?"

This is precisely why the tax on income should be replaced with a tax on consumption, ( a national sales tax). Tax on income without just compensation is pure Socialism at best, and pure Communism at worst, and is un-democratic. It diminishes our rights.

At least, with a national sales tax, my right to disagree with the government's policies would be affirmed by an inherent, and constitutional right to boycott those goods and services upon which the government taxes, through annually affirmed statutory taxing authority. ( Boycotting is a form of petition, guaranteed by the first amendment ".... or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances" )

Tax on incomes deprives citizens of one of the most effective tools they have to disagree with the government, or shape public policy through peaceful means. If, through the income tax, the government confiscates my property, they have denied me my right to boycott them, and they have effectively silenced me. This, therefore, is not "just compensation" for the taking of my property. I have received less rights than I had before they took my property. It is not just compensation. It is less value for my money. It diminishes my status as a citizen.

Socialism wants to freeze the size of the wealth pie and then divide it among an ever increasing population, the “masses”, thereby guaranteeing ever-increasing poverty among those masses. This ever-increasing poverty results in more and more dependence on the governing class, the “elite”.
Capitalism encourages growth of the wealth pie (which is infinite, if allowed to follow its natural course), thereby multiplying it. The population will continue to grow, regardless, thereby producing ever-increasing demand for goods and services, and therefore, jobs, and opportunity.

The hoaxes of “Global Warming”, “Pollution”, and “Overpopulation” were merely lies perpetrated by socialists, communists, progressives, and liberals in order to advance their hidden agenda upon the gullible masses. Their technique has always been to monger fear in the hearts of the masses. Just look at who started the GreenPeace movement-none other than Michael Gorbachev.

God Save America
-George Washington
-Your Uncle Sam


Bumbling Incompetent?
…or Bumbling Marxist?

Welcome to "the Teleprompter Depression."

Each Time Obama Steps in Front of a Teleprompter, Another Business Dies.

As a common-sense small businessman, I have a front row seat to a slow motion economic Armageddon that will be written about, discussed and debated for decades to come. Big shot economists don’t listen to guys like me. They scoff as I keep predicting in commentary after commentary that small business is suffering a catastrophe of epic proportions- leading this nation towards levels of unemployment and economic crisis that will rival or surpass the Great Depression. Just last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics quietly reported that the labor force dropped by roughly one million people during just the last two months. If those numbers were added into the unemployment numbers, it would shock and terrify the American people.

I do not believe the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes is a mistake, coincidence, or due to incompetence. I believe my old college classmate Obama (Class of ’83 Columbia University) is a Marxist purposefully trying to destroy capitalism, by overwhelming the system, thereby creating a distraction giving him cover to redistribute America’s wealth to his voters (those who create no jobs, pay few taxes, depend on government handouts for survival, or work for government or unions). As a bonus, he gets to bankrupt the groups that contribute virtually all the money to his political opposition. This is truly a "Marxist Triple Play."

Consider a few highlights of Obama’s reign of destruction:

#1) The biggest income tax increase in the history of America will take effect on Jan 1st, 2011. The new tax increase falls almost 100% on small business owners and high-income taxpayers (whose contributions happen to fund Obama’s political opposition). As a result, many more jobs will be lost and more businesses closed.

#2) A dramatic 60% capital gains tax increase (from 15% to 23.8% effective rate, including new universal healthcare taxes) will accompany the big income tax increase above. More jobs will be lost, more businesses closed.

#3) Taxes on dividends will increase from 15% to 39.6%, and then another 3.8% by 2013 for Obama’s new healthcare taxes. Stocks will be crushed and older Americans will be devastated (because they live off dividends, investments, and bank interest). More lives ruined, more jobs lost.

#4) New taxes on income, investments, and even tanning bed users soon take effect to pay for Obamacare. Worse,18,000 new I.R.S. agents will be hired to enforce these taxes (at a cost of billions annually in new government employee salaries, pensions and benefits). More jobs lost.

#5) The pending Cap and Trade legislation threatens dramatic new taxes on anyone who owns a business, owns a home, owns an auto, or buys products manufactured or delivered through the use of energy. Once again, the more you own, the more you'll be taxed. More jobs will be lost, more manufacturing jobs sent overseas, more homes foreclosed.

#6) The pending financial reform bill threatens onerous new rules, regulations and taxes on banks and Wall Street. More jobs will be lost (and more banking and financial jobs sent overseas).

#7) The pending new jobs bill threatens gigantic new taxes on every Sub Chapter S corporation in America. More jobs will be lost and more small businesses ruined.

#8) The threat of a gigantic new national sales tax (VAT) on everything manufactured, bought and sold in America looms large. Fewer jobs, reduced consumer spending, more businesses closed forever.

#9) Obama is pushing for the reduction or elimination of tax deductions (such as mortgage or charitable contributions) for high income earners (mostly small business owners). More jobs lost, reduced charitable contributions, and the real estate industry damaged beyond repair.

#10) The threat of bans or restrictions on offshore oil drilling being put permanently into place. More jobs lost (and more jobs sent overseas where drilling is welcomed). As a bonus for Obama, he gets to ruin the Texas economy.

#11) All signs indicate that Obama will soon propose to take the income cap off FICA (Social Security) taxes. If this were to happen, a successful small business owner (if there are any left) could see his or her FICA taxes alone go from an already bloated and burdensome $15,000 per year to an unimaginable $150,000 (or more). In U.S. history, no taxpayer has ever seen a TEN TIMES tax increase in one year. This devastating nightmare will wipe out small business and cause people that Obama calls "rich" to lose their homes and businesses.

#12) A new I.R.S. law (with the passage of Obamacare) requires business owners to file thousands of new I.R.S. forms each year documenting virtually every expenditure made by their business. As a result of this blizzard of new paperwork, small business faces ruin.

#13) Let’s not forget the gigantic tax hikes on the state and local level for income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and new taxes disguised as "user fees." Local taxes are already at levels that taxpayers and small businesses can no longer afford to pay.

#14) Finally, Obama refuses to consider lowering the 2nd highest corporate tax rate (40%) in the industrialized world. As a result, more businesses will choose to leave the U.S. (and more jobs will be sent overseas).

And you wonder why there are no jobs? You wonder why there is no recovery? This is the "Teleprompter Depression." Every time Obama steps in front of a teleprompter another business dies.

Each of these taxes and proposed taxes is a job killer. Taken together, the Obama regime’s policies are the equivalent of General Sherman’s march to the sea- leaving a tragic path of destruction in its wake. Obama has launched an unprecedented, overwhelming, death-by-tax assault on the groups that fund fiscally conservative causes and candidates: taxpayers and business owners.

There are only two reasonable explanations. Obama is executing a bumbling Marxist scheme to destroy capitalism, expand government to Soviet-like levels, and turn Americans into dependent serfs begging for government to save them, clothe them and feed them. "Bumbling" because the plan never works- eventually Obama will run out of taxpayers to rob, thereby bankrupting his own programs and bringing down his government. Or the other choice is that he is truly the most incompetent bumbling President in modern history. I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Reply by Elizabeth Parella 6 minutes ago

Lies, lies, and more lies...even the unemployment figures are lies...the unemployment rate is more like 17%+ when considering the underemployed, those working part-time jobs who cannot find full-time, well-paying jobs.

And the federal government wants to spend MORE money? Who's going to pay for all the debt? Cap and Trade...another tax on people who are taxed to death already... John Q. Public (and Jane P. Public as well) have had enough...enough lies, enough spending, enough big government, and enough of the current occupant of the White House who is still campaigning for the post.... Is he so insecure, so longing for "love" that he cannot STOP? Seems so....

TOTUS must go and the next presidential election cannot come soon enough. But the Republicans better get their act together as well.... Got a call from the RNC the other day looking for money. My response was a nonequivocal, "Get your act together, because my pocketbook is closed for a while and will remain so....get your people in line on the fiscal responsibility train....or else!"

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Lies, lies, and more lies...even the unemployment figures are lies...the unemployment rate is more like 17%+ when considering the underemployed, those working part-time jobs who cannot find full-time, well-paying jobs.

And the federal government wants to spend MORE money? Who's going to pay for all the debt? Cap and Trade...another tax on people who are taxed to death already... John Q. Public (and Jane P. Public as well) have had enough...enough lies, enough spending, enough big government, and enough of the current occupant of the White House who is still campaigning for the post.... Is he so insecure, so longing for "love" that he cannot STOP? Seems so....

TOTUS must go and the next presidential election cannot come soon enough. But the Republicans better get their act together as well.... Got a call from the RNC the other day looking for money. My response was a nonequivocal, "Get your act together, because my pocketbook is closed for a while and will remain so....get your people in line on the fiscal responsibility train....or else!"
This is a very frustrating day in America. We have politicians trying to pass their health reform, acting like we want it. Acting like it will just be great. What a joke, Issa came on the news and said the Czars are going to control the insurance companies. They are going to control us. I don't care if it passes in the House, we have to stop it!
It has to be our #1 priority to stop the gov't takeover of health care in the Senate. Joe Lieberman said he would stand with the Republicans and filibuster it in the Senate. The "Blue Dogs" showed their cowardice tonight. They folded, and they went against the "will of the American people". Nancy Pelosi makes me sick, grinning from ear to ear...she is so excited about the fact that she is lying and completely betraying the American people (including her own base) with this disaster of a gov't takeover of the health care system. Her plan is terrible, it is a disaster...there is nothing good about it. We must turn the tide in 2010, vote all the Democrats in the "house" out, because apparently the values they claim to have mean nothing... they lie. It is ridiculous that we are paying them...they are dismantling and destroying our country. It seems like they should be tried for treason.
We must all do our part to be involved in the local and state political races. So, we have a say in running conservative candidates. I'm not sure what happened in the New York 23rd district but the Republicans who appointed the liberal Scozzafava messed up, big time. It makes one wonder if they were bought off to purposefully lose the race.
How very sad that this once great land is being run by villans who are supported by the once 'free press'.
It is more than obvious that these 'representatives' care NOTHING for the American People and will do whatever they have to to make us comply with the idiocy they keep piling on all of us but, more-so our kids and grandkids.

We have spoken out against their tax and spend policies, their nationalizing of banks and industries and the monstrocity of their 'health care' plan.
We have marched, we've written and confronted them and we are treated as petulant children who are in no way capable of taking care of ourselves.
Several states have passed resolutions of sovereignty under the 10th ammendment.............all of these actions taken by concerned TAX PAYING CITIZENS and all ignored.

Is it because the left has cultivated [over many years and with great care] such an enormous 'under-class' by rewarding those who do little with the Cadillac plan of benefits?
Unwed teens are awarded with monthly checks from their third month of pregnancy with an increase when the baby is born. They are also given prescriptions for Pampers and formula, free medical care for the children and the cycle perpetuates itself. These young 'mommies' never finish school and consequently THEIR kids don't get an education.
People are PAID to remain idle. Thet recieve food stamps, rent subsidies [along with utility assistance], free medical care [title-19, medicaid] free education and the list goes on.

I have never been opposed to giving people a leg up when they need it but when the generosity of hard working people is abused and the 'leg up' becomes a permanent family legacy, I do have a problem with it.

How sad that a once hardworking society has been bound, AGAIN, into the slavery of dependence. Kept in plantations of non production until time to vote again for the slave owners who keep them satisfied with the bare minimum.

Is the system we now have irreparibly broken? When the country was founded only LAND OWNERS were permitted to vote. As this changed over the years, more and more citizens were given the right and PRIVILEDGE of voting.
The tax codes have been set up and altered to the point that now 40% of EMPLOYED Americans pay no Federal tax. It stands to reason that rather than elect free market candidates the non taxed will support those who keep taking from THE RICH to fund ridiculous programs and keep them enthroned in the nation's capital where they never have to actually LIVE with the consequences and burdens of excess taxation as they live their lives and care for their families.

We need to allow the priviledge of voting only to those who have an EARNED right to do so. In other words....if you don't pay taxes, you do NOT have a say in chosing those who will be charged with government spending. Who, in the freeloading public would ever vote for someone with a sense of fiscal respoisiblilty when they , just like Congress, can vote their own 'raises' into law without lifting a finger!

Other than the beauty of its simplicity, a Flat Tax is the best way to spread the burden to all who enjoy the freedom we USED to have! Since when does making a wealthy person pay a HIGHER PERCENTAGE benefit anyone other than those who perpetuate the whole 'class' warfare [class envy] myth in order to keep their power?

If the 'RICH' were taxed at 100+% there would still not be enough money to fund these programs... old, new and 'proposed'. Even if 'WEALTH' Were to be taxed at 100+% these things would remain underfunded.

What, in the Name of God, will we be albe to do to recover the country we grew up in? Raised our families in?

I have never been as frightened of our future than I am today. As much as I know that I need to place all of it in God's hands [believe me ,I'm TRYING] I cannot help but feel frustration and impotence in the face of this mess we now find ourselves in.

God bless all of you.
When will the rest of America wake up? Can't they see that the Democrats are destroying our country? I get so frustrated whenever I see polls that show Obama has a 50% approval rating. The only way to stop this freight train is by taking away the majority for the democrats until 2012 when a true american will be elected to the White House.
The American public was warned about Obama. He and his family don't celebrate Christmas. Perhaps a hint here to take note of????? Communists seek to remove God and every vestige of Christianity from our land. We (as faithful Christians), will be next on their progressive agenda

I guess this was earlier than elections time, but apply as well today. I believe my friend, that those of us who are believers, not by the word, but for our actions, because we know it's a power bigger than us who know and make decisions, who's above all human, and He is about Love, Family, Unity, principles, values, everything this administration is against, to come out and fight back, bring God back to our lives, not just in our private homes, but in our public life, people has been dissenting of God and create distance, because for many God is uncomfortable. This Nation if part of the prophecy, we are to support Israel against all of those Countries that goes against it. This Nation was created with the Blessings of God, and it's just His blessings that will put this Country back on track. We have to bring Him back, fight for Him as His Warriors, and don't stop, pass on to other generations if that means that we must keep the fight, if that means that we perish in that fight, even if that means that many will die in His Name, because them, this Nation will flourish again, and will be the envy of the Nations around the Globe. Our generations, deserve that, our sacrifice, so His name will be not forget, we fight in foreign land for others freedoms, and we forget how to fight for our own. The power is on the people, I have been say this the last two years, either to stay lazy and do nothing, or move and bring all your powers with you, friends, family, neighbors... if one single woman decide in the 60's that God in school was offending her, and people seat back allow to be remove, can you imagine what millions of people will do if we stand up and declare that " they offended us as well"? How about if we put a law sue in every State, every court house against those that are against our faith, all of us in mass... Now, the question is not if is possible to be done, the question is, if people will have enough guts or spine or back bone, to do the right thing and together, with those friends, family and neighbors do just that. The result will be impressive and the people will gain strength.
Talking about something we already know, will not change the fact that they keep lying to us, nor of their corruption and stand against the American people, we must take action, in drastic ways, because we live drastic situations, we must find drastic solutions.

What you think? Can we do this? can we came together and as a force take down this agenda?
After all it's just out to us to do the right thing.

God Bless all of you and God Bless the Republic of USA and Her true Patriots.!!
Right now, the priority from the WH and Congress is to pass Obamacare at any cost.... damn be jobs, the economy, foreign policy, etc.... Obamacare is the door that will open to let in WHATEVER law the democrats, liberals, marxists, progressives have wanted to pass for the past 60 years!!! And they have all the trillions of stimulus money to spend in bribery, corruption, fraud, for the unions (which are the enforcer to keep the people in line). So, it's up to We The People to STOP them and kill this ideological effort once and for all!!! We must NOT stop in this proposal because the democrats KNOW that they will not have another chance EVER... let's make it so!!!







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