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Greetings fellow Citizens


This year's annual Member census concerns itself with one issue:

The Declaration of the INDEPENDENTS

...the statement of our Principles.


please indicate which of the seven points contained therein

should be the main focus of content published on this site

in the present, 2014, Election year.

Also, please indicate which of those seven points, in your view,

are no longer relevant, if any.

Please read the ENTIRE declaration before responding.








God bless America

Your Uncle Sam



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States' Rights

Fairness to all with the IRS, no special grants, etc.

Under National Defense,  balance the spying and safety.

They are all equally important and relevant.

We must see to it that "Capitalism" remains the operational control of our way of life and economy. Without a basis of Capitalism the rest of the 7 points will eventually cease to exist.

Personally, I think it is way too late to try to take this country back.  It's lost and our states should all withdraw from this corrupt and ridiculous government once and for all.  Our individual states are fully capable of taking care of themselves, either on their own, or by joining with other states to form their own separate country.  Remember:  Each state has its own Constitution!  

If we think that by electing different people into office the game will change, we are only kidding ourselves.  We will be exceedingly lucky to even see the next election. The dollar is about to tank and we will all feel that one immediately.  It will create exactly the situation 0vomit has wanted to create all along, and that is martial law, because without money - well guess what - we have chaos!  How does a government stop chaos?  You got it!  Martial law.  Must I remind everyone that those FEMA camps are not sitting there waiting for us to willingly run into them!  They have been stockpiling food supplies, and only the chosen ones will survive.  Those Herculean caskets are not sitting inside those FEMA walls for our welfare!  If you think this isn't pre-WWII Germany all over again - guess again.  Trying to stop the forces operating in DC is about as success oriented as trying to stop a tsunami with an umbrella. 

The man who says he has a pen and a phone has called his final shot declaring himself 'king'.  We either get busy with our State legislators and convince them of the right thing to do, or we capitulate into the hands of the tyrants out there salivating at what is about to happen. 

"...That We, The People, shall not vote into office... " is priority # 1, that means  99% of incumbents ... REMEMBER this in November as all will sound pretty good, hoping you forgot their record!!! 







Capitalism. There are too many unconstitutional overtones with most of the rest.

I designed a web site in May '12 to get rid of Obama on the issue of "natural born".  It would operate like, which has been very successful in fighting immigration and trying to return the laws to the way they were in '67, before Johnson changed them.  They provide free faxing to Congress for all of their members.  When an issue comes up that needs attention (they watch Congress every day), they compose a fax for their members to send to their Congressmen.  You can either fax their message, edit it or send your own.  They do not care al long as you fax them.  In Spring of 2008, Bush was about to pass a very bad immigration law, and with only 350,000 members then, they shut down the fax and phone lines of Congress for three days and defeated that bill.  When a Congressman receives several thousand faxes in a day from his constituents (which statistically represents and 50 to 100 other constituents that feel the same way but they haven't heard from), they tend to do as asked.


The only problem is that I have never been able to find an attorney to represent me and keep the IRS away until I got enough membership to start faxing Congress to death until they investigate the term "natural born' and force a suit to be brought against Obama in the DC Federal Court and have him invalidated as a usurper.  The news over the last several days has been that the IRS is redoubling their efforts to shut down all 501(c) type organizations that threaten Obama in any way (which, of course, is unconstitutional !!).  For these acts alone, much less all of the other things he is doing to destroy this country, Obama should be prosecuted as a usurper and thrown in jail.


If there are any attorneys out there who would like to help me until I can get the membership needed to get going, please let me know.  I believe, "to the depths of my soul", that I could get rid of him in six months, if not less, once I have the membership needed.

I believe that ALL of them are important, because ALL of them stand to the premises this Nation system was created for, none the less, it's ONE in particular, that I believe should be there, because it's the VERY FOUNDATION of this Nation, without it, none of the others will work, no matter how much effort anyone place to make difference.

 It's one, that NO ONE considerate a TRUE Conservative will put in the side, which today, most people don't speak off, and if they do, they missing the bigger picture... GOD... how about faith? the fact that this Nation was created under a Judeo Christian values, you can't have none of the those issues, if God not preside all of them.

  All the founders has giving many reasons, to believe that when they created the "Bill of Rights and Constitution " was about the NATURAL RIGHTS that God has giving us, rights that we all know are under attack, but none the less, it's Christians in this Nation today persecute and abuse, to fight for God is to fight for Country and if we do that, we take care as well the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE.

  No one better than the First Supreme court Justice John Jay said it  " "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."

  We can see today, that by having a muslim in the people house, has created even more dangers situation to this country, islam has become a true threat against all of us, and it's because this, that the first and second amendment are under attack, one to disallow people to tell the truth of islam and the other, so we can't defend ourselves when they will try to take this Nation, as happen in Europe... WE MUST FIGHT FOR GOD AND COUNTRY... other wise, nothing is going to work.

  Thank you for asking about my opinion, it's not very important, it's humble but full of worry and distress to what is taken place in this country today. The Pillar of a Nation is the family, but without God is no values, no principles, you have all see, what the absence of God has build in this country.  The devil is truly alive.

  God bless you all.



All of them, and  we should use the Progressive agenda  to increment them back into usage.







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