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A Government That Gives you Everything Takes Everything
by Tim Young

This past week, I was reminded that Albert Einstein's definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

Why was I reminded of this? Because that seems to be President Obama's newest catchphrase against his republican opposition.

Listening to these speeches, it's becomes obvious that the President wants to scare people into thinking that republicans want to end science, end funding for education, and let people die without health care. He says that if you continue to vote for the GOP, you basically bring an end to your freedom. According to such stunning logic, it's insane to continue to vote for the opposing party. The funny thing is that if you take a look at what democrats have been doing for years, you would realize that it was actually their party that has been the ones making empty promises, stripping our rights from us, and leading the country down the path to self-destruction.

What Happens When Democrats Are In Complete Control

I grew up in an urban part of Baltimore, Maryland. Our family's financial status was lower middle class; times would get tough, but we got by. When I graduated from High School, my school was top in our district for teen pregnancy, narcotics and drop-outs. Not the best springboard to success, to be sure. Given these conditions, no one there was ever expected to make it, and democratic policies didn't exactly help improve the situation.

And yet, Maryland, which isn't even close to being a battleground state, always votes democratic. And what does this vote get them? Well, since I last checked, Maryland is one of the most expensive states in the union to live in. Every tax possible has been raised over the past decade, including sales tax and soon-to-be gas tax. That's right; with record high gas prices, the state's democratic legislature is looking at increasing the gas tax by almost 12 cents a gallon. On top of that, the democrats have increased tolls and fees on everything from tunnels to car registration. And get this; the state of Maryland is still in debt.

It boggles the mind how even by increasing just sales tax by 1% that a state is unable to balance its budget. That tax increase brings in billions of dollars per year, yet the democratic leadership finds a way to squander every dollar they get their hands on.

Worse yet is that the State's Democrat-enacted laws restricting personal rights. A federal court just recently decided that Maryland's laws which required a ridiculous process to obtain a hand gun were unconstitutional. The democrats seem to think that it's all just a game to prevent people from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

I talk about Maryland because it is the perfect example of insane voting. Why would you continue to elect a group of people who regularly decide to steal from you in order to balance a budget, and then blatantly take away your constitutional rights? Could it be because most of those voting for the democrats are the ones who get all the "free" money?

Thank God this doesn't happen on a national level. Oh, wait, it does...

50% of households pay no income taxes...they receive government OPM checks. (OPM = Other People's Money).

Opportunity Knocks with Trayvon Martin

One of the most consistent things that I have seen in my career as a political observer has been the belief by poorer Americans that by electing a democrat to office, their lives will instantly change for the better. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

If you've paid close attention to what Obama and his party have been doing over the past year, you'll see their sneakiness as they try to take advantage of anything they can to get their way. The worst case of this happened just recently with the Trayvon Martin situation in Florida.

As you're aware, young Mr. Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, who was on neighborhood watch a few weeks ago. If you've been following it in the news, you'll know that even though the facts of the case are still not solidified, Zimmerman has been declared guilty by everyone. I'm not saying he didn't do anything wrong, but the Democratic Party has already capitalized on this event.

I knew that Martin was going to become a political issue, but I never expected a full on press conference by Obama in the Rose Garden at the White House on the subject. I don't recall a time when another President held a press conference to discuss a crime that was being investigated...

Except when Obama did the same thing his first year in office. Remember the "Beer Summit" between a black professor and a white police officer? It's not really the President's business to do inject himself in to a local law enforcement matter, but in both cases, both Obama and the democrats smelled an opportunity to divide the people, grandstand, and attack the 2nd Amendment in one fell swoop.

Liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer suggests that we reconsider 'Stand Your Ground' laws that were established so that you could defend yourself and your home to intruders. That's above and beyond taking away our Second Amendment Rights because if 'Stand Your Ground,' laws were to get repealed, you wouldn't even be able to physically defend yourself at all. If you were to be robbed in your home, you would all-but-need to pack up your property in bubble wrap for the criminals.

It's only a matter of time before the heated discussion about Trayvon Martin leads to the made up "fact," that guns are the reason he is dead. That, of course, will lead a panel of liberal "experts" to feed you the same line that Americans with guns are cowboys and anarchists who want to shoot everyone and everything. This will be followed by laws attempting to ban more firearms, your ability to obtain them, and the way that you carry them.

If you ignore the fact that this country is running out of money and that we are in debt to most of the world, life it great under a democrat-controlled government.
Democrats like to give things away to people, whether it is something as simple as a free lunch in order to get a vote, or universal health care and unemployment for those who may not really need it. After all, why work to get yourself out of a situation when there are free hand-outs to be had?

I like to use the comparison of government benefits under democrats to that of pain medication after a back injury. Pain medication can be easily obtained, and because it makes you feel so good to be on it, it feels terrible to stop taking them. Even though you can be fully recovered from the back injury, you are addicted to the drugs. If your doctor is like a democrat, he will keep giving you the medicine because, "it's there to make you feel good," and you keep his business alive by coming back for more.

If the doctor would be more like a republican, he would wean you off of the medicine or say, the government program, by showing you what you need to do to become whole again.
Handouts are why it's easy to keep voting for democrats; having your rights stripped from you is why it's also insane to do so.

We are under a regime of opportunistic statists who will take advantage of every possible person and angle in order to strip away your rights and give more power to the government. They will spend billions of dollars to give hand outs to people who are so stupid that they buy into the idea that it is the government's responsibility, not the individual's, to provide for themselves.

It's time to stop the insanity that has been the last 3 1/2 years of Obama and near century of liberal policies. Stand up for your rights while you still have them, vote with your head, and be smarter than they think you are.

Join us in the fight,

Tim Young
Managing Editor

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 4, 2012 at 12:16am

Millions of us, We the People, have witnessed the same degradation of our beloved homeland as Tim Young.

When will we unite, when will we take action to restore our nation?






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