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Ukraine and World Pneumonic Plague Information

This Blog is strictly about what is going on in the Ukraine and possibly spreading in the area. I have been doing the postings on my blog: Sherriequestioningall blog, but this is an ongoing problem that needs it's own information page. I WILL CONTINUALLY UPDATE WITH INFORMATION AND NEWS AS I FIND IT ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE UKRAINE!
Saturday, November 7, 2009
UPDATE 11/7/09 6:06 pm est Just Released Latest Official Numbers 144 Dead Over 900,000 Sick
The Latest Official Numbers were just Released!

936,804 Now Sick

144 Dead!

43,762 Hospitalized

Link to Official Numbers:

1. 07.11.2009 Пресрелізи :: Інформація щодо захворюваності на грип та гострі респіраторні захворювання та їх ускладнення (пневмонії тощо) станом на "07" листопада 2009 р. 1. 07/11/2009 Press Releases:: Information on the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections and their complications (pneumonia, etc.) as "07" November 2009

In one days time, a little less than 100,000 people were reported sick from the "mysterious" Plague. Those official numbers show less people got sick in the same amount of time, then had gotten sick yesterday from the day before.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 3:41pm Withheld Ukraine Sequences Raise Pandemic Concerns
Withheld Ukraine Sequences Raise Pandemic Concerns

From article:

Withheld Ukraine Sequences Raise Pandemic Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 02:30
November 7, 2009
Right now we know that many clinical specimens and viruses have been sent to one of the WHO collaborating centres for further study. We don't know the results of those studies, and it will probably take a couple of days for the full analysis of those viruses to be available. But in the meantime, what we do not have is any evidence of viruses there or anywhere else as showing any big mutations. I raise this point because I have seen in some media reports that there are reports that WHO or other groups are saying that there are mutations and I want to point out that these are rumours and factually, untrue.

The above comments from Keiji Kukuda offer some general comments on the Ukrainian H1N1 sequences at Mill Hill in London. He specifically says WHO doesn't see any "big" mutations in the samples being sequenced, which would refer to reassortment or Tamiflu resistance. However, the changes seen in Ukraine do not require "big" mutations. Small mutations, such as SNP can have profound effects for a virus like pandemic H1N1.

That virus normally circulates in swine, and has recently jumped to humans. It already has many characteristics with the 1918 pandemic strain. Both are swine H1N1 that jumped to humans. Such species jumpers can increase efficiencies with small changes. One good example is position 627 in the PB2 gene. That position comes in two forms. When there is glutamic acid (E) at that position, the PB2 enzyme copies the viral genetic material most efficiently at 41 C, the body temperature of a bird. However, if that position has a lysine (K), the enzyme is most active at 33 C, the temperature of a human nose in the winter. The swine H1N1 has an E, which may be why it goes well in lung, which is 37 C and closer to the optimal replication temperature of 41C. However, a single change that produced the most efficient replication at 37C would lead to even higher levels in the lungs, which could lead to frequent cytokine storms, like those in 1918, instead of the less frequent level seen in Ukraine.

However, the rapid spread of H1N1 in Ukraine (see map), coupled with the high frequency of hemorrhagic pneumonia raise concerns that a small change is leading to a more virulent virus. Similarly, the rapid spread of the virus could also be affected by a small change in another gene, such as HA, which controls entry of the virus to cells and influences tissue tropism.

Mill Hill has acknowledged that they have at least 15 H1N1 positive samples from Ukraine, which would identify a Ukranian specific change. The delay in the announcement of sequence results raises concerns that such changes have been detected, and such changes are undergoing further analysis.

The number of cases in Ukraine continues to expand. The number of patients with H1N1 symptoms is now approaching 1 million. Cases have been increasing at almost 200,000 per day, so it is likely that tomorrow's report will have over 1 million cases. This rapid spread increases concern that the 15 sequences at Mill Hill contain one or more of these small changes, which has led to a delay in the announcement of sequence results.

More detail on the sequences at Mill Hill is overdue. The rapid spread of H1N1 in Ukraine demands rapid sequence results. Continued delay will only increase concerns.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 3:25pm est - Illinios having Pneumonic Plague Drill Today !
Lake in the Hills, Illinois is have a Pneumonic Plague drill today. This is not even close to the Ukraine Area, but I wanted to insert it, since the Easter Bloc countries had one in September and now it seems they are dealing with the Plague. What is causing governments to want to do drills on the Pneumonic Plague? Why not the Ebola virus, Swine Flu, etc? Why are they choosing the Plague? I just find things like that of great interest, especially since they use the same words Interpol did with their drill "biological terrorist attack".

From Article:


LAKE IN THE HILLS – Citizens infected with a fictitious pneumonic plague will line up outside Lincoln Prairie Elementary School on Saturday to help test the site as a medication dispensary in case of an emergency.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department is carrying out the test as part of a grant from the McHenry County Department of Health for its emergency health plan. In case of a biological terrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak, the site would be able get medicine to the community, Lake in the Hills Chief of Patrol Services David Brey said.

“This is just a functional test of the site,” he said.

The event will use volunteers pretending to have been stricken by the plague to help test the flow of the site, from initial triage through receiving proof of being medicated.

“We picked the plague on purpose so it would have nothing to do with the swine flu,” Brey said.

The test will start at 9 a.m. Saturday at Lincoln Prairie, 500 Harvest Gate, across from Lake in the Hills Village Hall.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 1:45pm est Russia On Verge Of Flu Epidemic
Russia is on the verge of a flu epidemic, says a Russian Health Official

The article states Russia is on the verge of a flu epidemic, it also says they are sending as much help to the Ukraine as possible. There is one sentence that Very much Bothers me in this news article.

From Article:

MOSCOW, November 6 (Itar-Tass) -- Most of Russian regions are on the verge of a flu epidemic, Chief Public Health Official Gennady Onishchenko said on Friday.

“The epidemic has begun in southeastern regions,” he noted.

“The cold and flu situation in the northern hemisphere is the following: the sickness rate is high in five European countries, among them the UK, Ireland and Malta. The rate is medium in seven European states, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. The sickness rate is on the rise in 48 U.S. states and in ten regions of Canada,” he said.

Onishchenko highlighted the cold and flu rate in Ukraine. “We are closely monitoring the A/H1N1 flu rate in Ukraine. Yet the media claims of the alleged border crossing restrictions are unfounded,” he said. “The only efficient method is personal preventive measures, which will protect an individual from regular and new flu.”

Russia will help Ukraine handle the A/H1N1 flu epidemic, Health and Social Development Minister Tatiana Golikova told President Dmitry Medvedev earlier in the day.

“Our neighbors, Ukrainians, are in distress. The epidemic is rather intensive. They have asked for help. Can we help them?” the president asked the minister.

The government has approved the delivery of flu medicines to Ukraine, Golikova said.

“We can supply 200,000 packs of Arbidol [a flu medicine] to Ukraine next week. We have coordinated the delivery with the Ukrainian administration. It is necessary to settle formalities. The Emergency Situations Ministry is on the standby. A government resolution is necessary for starting the humanitarian supplies,” she said.

Besides, Russia has offered Ukraine to send medical personnel and to make flu tests, Golikova said.

Medvedev ordered the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office to prevent speculations on flu medicines in Russia.

“I will order the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office to do the monitoring and to open criminal cases in case of violations,” Medvedev told Golikova.

“We cannot put up with that. Anyone speculating on the flu epidemic is a criminal and must face criminal charges,” he said.

Golikova said she met with domestic producers of flu medicines on Monday. The producers said they did not raise prices, she noted.

“Distributors are responsible for growing prices. Large pharmacy networks took part in the meeting. I warned them that speculators on citizens’ health would bear the consequences,” Golikova said.

The ministry will start the inoculation of Russian citizens from A/H1N1 flu on November 9, she said.

The virus is spreading a bit more rapidly than expected, Golikova said.

“The inoculation will start on November 9. The domestic pharmaceutical industry is ready to continue the production of the new vaccines,” she said.

In all, the vaccines will be produced at Microgen plants in Irkutsk and Ufa, at Petrovax and at the Serum Institute of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency in St. Petersburg. Irkutsk will produce the live vaccine, while the rest will deliver the inactivated vaccine.

“We are ready to supply the live vaccine from November 7. The clinical tests of this vaccine are over, and it will be used in the inoculation, which starts on November 9,” Golikova said.

The first inoculations will be given to transport, communication and public utility personnel and medical staff. The inoculation of children will begin in late November – early December.

Fourteen regions have applied for 774,000 doses of the vaccine.

“We will start the inoculation in regions, where the epidemic has not begun but which border on epidemic zones,” the minister said.
I am not quite sure what he is meaning in the sentence, I highlighted in red. Does he mean anyone who questions the vaccine will be criminally prosecuted? Or does he mean anyone who questions if it is the Swine flu that is killing people, or something else is doing the killing, will be prosecuted?

Or does he mean both? Either way, I find that a very disturbing statement!

UPDATE 11/7/09 3:08PM - I found another article, where Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated if pharmaceutical companies try and raises prices or benefit off the epidemic then he would like them prosecuted.

From Article:

GORKI, November 6 (Itar-Tass) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has instructed the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and the Prosecutor General’s Office to watch so that distributors of pharmaceuticals and protective means do not profiteer on the new influenza epidemic, and if they expose unjustified price rises they should open criminal cases.

“I will instruct the FAS and Prosecutor General’s Office to control this process thoroughly and in the event of revealing malicious intent of actions to open criminal cases,” the RF president said at a meeting with Health and Social Development Minister Tatyana Golikova.

“We cannot tolerate this further. To profiteer on the epidemic is a direct crime and it is necessary to punish for this – to bring such heads of organisations not to administrative, but criminal responsibility. We have all the needed legal base for this,” the RF head of state stressed.

Right after the meeting Medvedev called Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and gave him the corresponding instructions.
*So, I am now going to assume his statement in the previous news article about criminally prosecuting anyone questioning the epidemic is in regards to the pharma companies, not about individuals questioning the epidemic.*

Thank you, to all the people who have commented on this article. Yes, I realized what he must have meant and how I took it wrong in initially reading it. So, thank you for correcting my reading of the article and the way it was meant to be framed in reference to the pharma companies.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 1:17pm est Poland Govt. Will Not Get Vaccines for people
The Polish Government said they will NOT get vaccines for the people in Poland, as the makers of the vaccines do not want to be responsible for side effects. So they do NOT WANT THEM! **Good for the government there*

But of the article there is one admission I find the MOST Interesting - it is regarding Ukraine.

From Article:

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that his government won't buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who won't take responsibility for possible side effects.

Tusk told reporters that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders.

"Today we are dealing with great pressure from pharmaceutical firms ... we are dealing with expectations that hundreds of millions of zlotys (dollars) will be spent on vaccine while no one wants to guarantee that it has no side effects," he said.

He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.

Some independent health experts have been advising vaccination after a recent surge in flu cases in neighboring Ukraine saw more than 700, 000 cases and 109 deaths of people with flu-like illness in recent weeks.

Fourteen of the fatalities were swine flu cases, Polish news agency PAP reported, citing Ukraine's chief doctor Oleksandr Bilovol.

Polish health officials said a military medical laboratory in Pulawy was testing samples taken in Ukraine from sick people. Poland is also sending face masks to Ukraine.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization said that the swine flu virus has become the predominant flu strain worldwide.

In some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70 percent of the flu viruses being sampled, according to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO's top flu official.

While most people recover from the illness without needing medical treatment, officials are also continuing to see severe cases in people under 65 — people who are not usually at risk during regular flu seasons.

What stands out with the one sentence saying 14 people in Ukraine have died from the Swine Flu?

If only 14 people have died from the Swine Flu, what the Hell is it killing the rest of the people?

Right there - says everything! But the doctors in the Ukraine have already stated it is the Pneumonic Plague, it is just the officials and the media who are not admitting it.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 9:20am est - Interpol Had a Training Drill in Sept. for "The Black Death/Plague"
It is always curious how governments in the past have had "Training Drills" on something that then occurs a short time later. This case is no different. btw: The Plague is also referred to as "The Black Death"!

Interpol had a Training Drill on the "Black Death/Plague" and it being Bioterrorism in Sept., which took place in Poland.

From Interpol's Website regarding the Drill:

In September 2009, senior law enforcement officials, health care professionals and experts from international organizations joined their forces to confront a chilling crisis – the plague had just been unleashed on their countries by unknown evildoers.

A fictional scenario with a serious aim

Fortunately, this terrifying situation was a scenario under control, and the civilian authorities were all participants in a Tabletop Exercise on Preventing Bioterrorism hosted by INTERPOL. This exercise simulated a global bioterrorism attack and its aftermath. Participants in the Black Death scenario were faced with a fictional, intentional plague attack involving countries from their region, with the exercise designed to assist them in identifying critical co-operation and co-ordination issues which could hinder a quick and successful response to such an attack in real life.

The idea behind this exercise, the third in a series organized by INTERPOL, has been described by the Organization's Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble, as “helping focus our joint understanding of the role and responsibility of each of us – police, health care professionals, experts – in response to a bioterrorism incident, as well as identifying possible gaps or redundancies so that we can draw lessons from them.”

Inter-agency co-operation in Central and Eastern Europe

Organized by the INTERPOL Bioterrorism Unit, this third edition of the event took place from 29-30 September in Warsaw, Poland. Participants in the workshop numbered 27 from six Central and Eastern European countries (Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine), as well as 15 participants from international organizations such as Europol, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Control, the European Commission (Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs and Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

A wide range of INTERPOL initiatives

The tabletop exercise is the latest in a series of initiatives launched by INTERPOL since the creation of its Bioterrorism Prevention programme. INTERPOL has worked ceaselessly since 2005 to heighten its member countries’ awareness of the dangers of bioterrorism and to enhance their preparedness for a bioterrorist attack. The Bioterrorism Prevention Programme has co-ordinated a series of events, starting with the Global Conference on Preventing Bioterrorism in March 2005; regional workshops in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia; train-the-trainer sessions all over the world; and practical tabletop exercises such as the one outlined above.
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The media has hyped up the Swine Flu "Saying Take your Vaccine"! Every day they try and instill FEAR in people over the Swine Flu!!

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UPDATE 11/7/09 8:38am est - A Flu Tracker Interactive Map
Flu tracker Interactive Map -

It seems to be pretty accurate. Though it is showing just under 800,000 for the Ukraine - and the official numbers are almost 900,000.

Good to keep an eye on, to get a good estimate about what is happening where. Of course the officials in each Country have to give the numbers. So, the only question there, is how good are the "official" numbers?

*Thank you to Thomas Paine - here is a link directly to the Ukraine on the Flu Tracker Map
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From Article:

National H1N1 Epidemic Declared in Bulgaria
Recombinomics Commentary 08:57
November 7, 2009
The Health Ministry made the decision based on the grounds that the number of people with swine flu has reached 210 per 10 000.

Thus, all schools in Bulgaria will be in a swine flu break all of next week (9-14 November). The Health Ministry recommends limiting the number and scope of public events.

The above comments describe the declaration of a national swine flu epidemic in Bulgaria. Earlier this week an epidemic level of H1N1 had been reported in a select number of Oblasts and municipalities (see map). However, this level was subsequently reported for the entire country, so an epidemic was declared.

Although the number of fatalities reported this far are markedly below the levels reported for Ukraine, the rapid spread of H1N1 in Bulgaria raises concerns that there will be a dramatic increases in cases and deaths in the area. Spikes in deaths have already been reported in Turkey and Italy, although none have approached the numbers reported in Ukraine, where influenza/ARI cases are approaching 1 million, and will likely surpass that number in the next report.

The explosion of cases in Ukraine raise concerns that the H1N1 virus has subtly changed, with associated increase in cases and deaths.

Sequence data on these recent fatalities in Bulgaria and neighboring countries would be useful.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 7:46am est Yushchenko team unveils sinister plans for declaring state of emergency
Western Information Agency: Yushchenko team unveils sinister plans for declaring state of emergency
From article:

Speaking live on the popular 5th TV Kanal Nov. 6, the secretary of the national security and defense council, NSDC, Rayisa Bohatyryova, said the number of flue victims is so large it may be necessary to declare the state of emergence to effectively deal with the outbreak. [According to the health ministry, as of Nov. 5, there were 13 cases of the swine flue by a London lab. The number of Ukrainian who died from all kinds of flue and cold stands at about 100, or fewer than in 2008 – Ed.].

The constitution gives enough legal ground for Yushchenko to declare the emergency, Bohatyryova claimed.

As the country’s politicians cannot join their forced to combat the flue epidemic, the state of emergency may help to do this, Bohatyryova continued. All the causes of why Ukraine found itself amid the flue hurricane must be investigated and perpetrators be brought to account. But the punishment can come later. Not it is important to help the population and not to sow panic, the official summed up.

Another Yushchenko insider, his deputy chief of staff Ihor Popov believes the uncontrolled swine flue epidemic is a good enough reason for putting off the presidential election till May 30, Popov writes in his article “Elections lead to swine scenario” published by the Ukrayinska Pravda.

The flue outbreak has radically changed the course of presidential campaigning in Ukraine. It affected campaign priorities, played havoc with campaign plans, leading candidates’ teams to revise spin tactics to hype their candidates, Popov said.

In his opinion, the outbreak in Ukraine was quite timely, as without all the hubbub and rhetoric about the flue the ratings of presidential candidates would not have changed even by Feb. 7. It is the full-sized epidemic, when all Ukrainians are involved with their emotions and panic, that can affect the voting results, the official claimed.

Popov ruled out the purposeful nature of the outbreak. “Experts proved that the epidemic is here and it will take more than a week to deal with it. Unfortunately, we missed the start of the epidemic, as we did the financial crisis,” Popov noted.

Popov then listed benefits from the state of emergency, saying it will allow to control the distribution of drugs with the help of interior troops, enforce the ban on mass rallies, ensure implementation of decisions by the NSDC and minimize declarations by politicians regarding the flue handling. Also, the vertical chain of staffs set up as a result of declaring the state of emergency will curb red-tape and competition of ministries.

“I hope, the cabinet will be able to deal with the epidemic without declaring the state of emergency. However, if the virus and panic are not brought to heel, the head of the government will be faced with a serious dilemma,” he warned.

“If the state of emergency is declared for 2 months, the new date for presidential election can fall on May 30 to coincide with local elections, something which will save the country a billion hryvnia. Double elections will complicate the work of election commissions but we have to save in the recession,” Popov stressed.
You can not make this up, these are officials saying the virus/plague is quite convenient to the politicians the of the Ukraine! So, before thinking "conspiracy theory" - this information is coming from the Top in the Ukraine! I wonder how convenient it is to those are have gotten sick and have died from this virus/plague?
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UPDATE 11/7/09 7:25am est U.S. to Donate 930,000 Swine Flu Vaccines to Ukraine
The U.S. is Donating 930,000 doses of the Swine Flu vaccine to the Ukraine to be delivered in December.

From Article:

In an effort to stop the global spread of pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus, the United States is planning to donate 10 percent of US domestic H1N1 vaccine supply, as it becomes available, to a WHO-led H1N1 vaccine initiative. The US donation to WHO, equivalent to 25 million doses of vaccine, would be valued commercially at approximately $10 million," the embassy said in a statement.

As part of the first phase of this initiative, Ukraine is scheduled to receive 930, 000 doses of H1N1 vaccine in early December, the embassy said.

"Planning to complement this donation with a broad range of interventions to support the safe delivery and deployment of the vaccines, the US government will be working closely with the government of Ukraine in the days ahead to identify needs and agree on a package of immunization-related commodity and technical support that can be implemented rapidly to support H1N1 immunization," the statement reads.

Besides, the US government is prepared to make available immunization ancillary materials such as syringes, needles, and vaccine safety disposal boxes, to provide technical support for immunization planning as well as for logistics and assistance to transport the vaccine, to train vaccinators and other professionals, and to prepare communications materials in support of the immunization campaign.

As far as I am concerned, they can donate the intended vaccine for me too.

Actually in saying that, I don't want anyone to have to get the vaccines. *A side note - reports are every where, that blunt needles are being used for the Swine Flu vaccine*

At The National Familydoctors Association (LHV), a spokesperson confirms different needles are used than the regular ones used for the seasonal flu-vaccinations. "Those needles are specifically developed for this vaccine", explains a spokeswoman of the Dutch Vaccine Institute.

My Question: Why?

Also another report from a doctor is "when getting the vaccine, there is an abrasive feeling". Another question from me: "Why, would a liquid being injected, feel abrasive"?
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UPDATE 11/7/09 7:15am est A One Billion Request for Funds to Fight Virus 3 days Ago - Not Signed Yet
The Prime Minister of the Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, requested 3 days ago UAH One Billion to fight the Virus from the President Viktor Yuschenko, but the President has not signed the law or request yet!

From Article:

Uzhgorod, November 7 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has called on President Viktor Yuschenko to urgently sign the law on allocating UAH 1 billion to fight the epidemic of flu and acute respiratory viral infections.

She said this after visiting Zakarpattia Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital in Uzhgorod on Saturday.

"I'm asking the president to urgently sign this law and help the government and the Health Ministry receive these one billion hryvnias, because without these funds our system on the purchase of medical equipment and medications will significantly slow," Tymoshenko said.

She said that "we submitted this law to the president three days ago, and we have yet to receive an answer [from the president], as this is the only request to the president."

Why the Hell has the President ignored this Only request to him? Why hasn't he signed this law, especially in light of the fact his country is being swept by an killing virus/plague?
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UPDATE 11/7/09 7:01am est Prime Minister - Vaccinated or Not? Conflicting Reports
Caption under photo: A source close to Tymoshenko claimed that prime minister had been vaccinated three month ago.


Tymoshenko's press officer denies claims that prime minister was vaccinated against flu
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and some of the ministerd have not been vaccinated against swine flu, the prime minister’s press officer Maryna Soroka said. She denied information that had appeared earlier in mass media claiming that Tymoshenko had been vaccinated. As reported, referring to one of the closest assistants to prime minister, Tymoshenko and other ministers were vaccinated three months ago. Read the story here.

There seems to be a dispute on if the Prime Minister was vaccinated against the flu or not. The flu vaccination has become mandatory now - with Martial Law being in affect.

Days ago, more than 80% of the Ukraine people said they did NOT want the vaccine and did not trust it. Now it is being demanded they take it - under the penalty of arrest (this information is below in the starting post with links).

Why will they be forced to get the vaccine? When this is some "mutated Swine Flu" from official sources in Ukraine, then the vaccine created for the original Swine flu, will not work. Why don't they think of that now, why still make people get the vaccine? Oh, there is NO vaccine for the Pneumonic Plague.

Another thought, how many Heads of States are/have gotten vaccinated? I know that Obama and his children have Not been, nor have I read they planned to.
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UPDATE 11/7/09 6:52am est Death Toll Now "Officially" 135 in the Ukraine
The Official Death Toll is now 135 in the Ukraine.

From Article:

As many as 135 people have died from the flu and other acute respiratory viral infections in Ukraine as of November 6, including 25 who had died over the previous 24 hours, the Ukrainian Health Ministry reported on Saturday.

Since the moment the epidemic started to spread, 871, 037 people have been diagnosed with flu and other respiratory viral infections, including 101, 317 over the past 24 hours. As many as 39, 603 of these people have been hospitalized, including 4, 732 over the past 24 hours, and 317 are in intensive care.

Another Article:


The article mentions the same numbers above, but it has a paragraph that is very interesting and odd to me.

From Article:

Ihor Pokanevych, head of the WHO office in Kyiv, told Deutsche Welle on Nov. 5 that health authorities are watching to see if the seasonal strains of the flu and the swine flu will mutate into more virulent form of virus. Ukraine has become a test case of sorts.

“The outbreak in Ukraine may be indicative of how the virus can behave in the northern hemisphere during the winter season, particularly in health care settings typically found in Eastern Europe,” Pokanevych added.

I find it a little strange, they insert that "Ukraine has become a test case of sorts". I would like to know exactly How it became that way.

The official numbers do not come close to the unofficial numbers from 4 days ago, which ranged from 1500 to 3000 dead (from sources inside hospitals). My thought is, if that many people had died, yet the amount of people who were ill at that time was under 200000 and now it is almost 900000. How many people have actually died?
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Friday, November 6, 2009
Update 11/6/09 2:56pm est CASES DOUBLED OVER NIGHT!! 871037 NOW!
The Ukraine officials have released Information - The Cases have Doubled Overnight!!

The official amount of people sick with the "mysterious"/Plague Virus is NOW 871037!! UP FROM Just Under 1/2 a million yesterday!!

Link to Official Website of Cases:

3:05 pm update - The link above is going to the old numbers for some reason

this link will work for showing today's numbers
1. 06/11/2009
Press Releases:: Information on the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections and their complications (pneumonia, etc.) as "06" November 2009

11/4/2009 478,456 reported infected.

as of today 871,037 reported infected.

I would like to add
The WHO, which declared the A/H1N1 flu as a pandemic in June, said the total number of lab confirmed cases worldwide is now over 482,300. Yet in the Ukraine that many are being affected almost over night!

At some point the officials will Have to admit, they have the Pneumonic Plague spreading.

They are going to need to be honest about the deaths also. Their numbers are not matching what sources have said inside hospitals. Also remember 600 medical personnel were sick as of yesterday. (that information is linked in the bottom post).

At what point will their medical system break down, due to overload of people sick, besides the medical personnel becoming sick?

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Update 11/6/09 2:31 pm CDC Brochure On How to Protect Yourself from the Plague
I am linking the CDC Brochure on How to Protect yourself against the Plague
(Also at the bottom of my original Post - at bottom of page) I have information from the government on how the Plague could be sprayed in the air as an act of terrorism.
Was that done? - since people had said there were planes flying around spraying chemicals in the air, the day before this "mystery - Plague" hit the Ukraine in a big way.

The CDC brochure, basically says, keep Fleas off your pets, for protection against the Bubonic Plague (sores on the skin)

But if it is Pneumonic Plague (lungs), get to the doctor immediately.

Another site about how to identify the symptoms of Pneumonic Plague

I also researched about the Plague's history.

The Black Death

I did not realize the difference between the Bubonic Plague and the Pneumonic Plague I wanted to find out how people had survived the Plague in the past epidemics of it.

First the Bubonic Plague is wounds/sores on the skin that turn black - thus called the Black Death. 50% of the people who got the Bubonic Plague lived. The Pneumonic Plague is of the lungs and only 10% of those people lived who got it. I could not find anything special those 10% did, besides getting emergency care, but I am going to continue searching. The reason the Pneumonic Plague spread fast, is because it goes through the air as people breath in and out. The Bubonic Plague, people had to actually touch the wounds to get that plague. If this is the Pneumonic Plague as the doctors say it is in the Ukraine, I believe finding out everything possible to survive it is a very good idea (which I am sure everyone agrees with that).

I will insert all things I find about what people need to do, for the best chance of survival(besides of course having a mask for yourself).
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Update - 11/6/09 2:11PM est - Officials Say 109 Dead Now
Death at 109 Now

From article linked above:

Since the start of the flue outbreak, 109 Ukrainian have died from severe cases of the cold and flue, a high-ranking ministry for emergencies official announced Nov. 6. According to the health ministry, samples from 28 cases were confirmed by a London lab and 13 Ukrainian died, the official said.

Meanwhile, the flue outbreak has spread from Ukraine’s western oblasts to the east, with its proportions crossing the epidemic threshold in four more oblasts of the country, Donetsk, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Kyiv, Ukraine chief sanitary doctor Oleksandr Bilovol told journalists Nov. 6.

The government has declared the state of medical emergency in these oblasts and the capital Kyiv, the official confirmed.

Bilokon said the total of 33,979 sick Ukrainians had been taken to hospitals, 97 of whom had died.

The official stressed the need for vaccination as a means of flue prevention in the oblasts where there is no influenza epidemic.

The numbers are all over the place for how many are actually sick - this says 33979 - but other officials have said over 1/2 million now.

Doctors have said thousands have died.

It seems no one can get their information straight.

I will say again, why don't they come out and say - What the doctors have said "It is the Plague"? That way, people can try and protect themselves more. Instead they have panic in the Ukraine, due to no straight answers on what is what.
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update - 11/6/09 11:15am est Official Statement - Now Saying Swine mutated - Admits Lungs with Blood
A Ukraine official has come out saying the H1N1 might have mutated to be the Pneumonic Plague.

The First Deputy of Health Minster in the Ukraine is now acknowledging the deaths there are from a mutated H1N1 Flu! (mutated flu? why not just say what it is!?)

From Article:

The first deputy minister of Health in Ukraine said in a statement that they have a different h1n1 swine flu than the rest of the world and US. In 6 days 500 000 people have been infected, 93 confirmed deaths. Statements from a lot of departments and officials seem to disagree but the fact is that if this is the h1n1 it might of either mutated or this is another swine flu strain.

The reason for this is obviously as stated above and that the strain in the Ukraine has a much bigger rate of filling the lungs with blood. This can be blamed on lack of public health but according to sources this is not the case. The plague or virus in the Ukraine has 10 times the mortality rate than the normal swine flu.

In a paper published in microbioligy news called resurecting influenza pandemic strains. The author regonized 5 strains of weaponized flu.

Confirmation that this is a mutated version: (or not a mutation of h1n1 but a viral pneumonia which is something different)

1. 250 000 to 500 000 infected in one day, way faster than any other country the h1n1 has been

2. Many cases of viral pneomonia where the lungs fill with blood, a much higher viral pneomonia rate than any other country

3. Ukraine Health minister said himself that "swine flu has mutated"

4. Much bigger death rate than normal
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Belarus Now having Deaths from a "Pneumonia Flu"
Belarus Deaths -

Belarus - next door to Ukraine is now having deaths from a "Pneumonia Flu".

From Article:

In recent weeks, the Belarusian capital Minsk has seen an estimated 10 deaths of persons suffering from pneumonia preceded by flu-like symptoms. Public health workers were working to identify the virus causing the illnesses.

It seems the authorities in that part of the world are saying anyone who is dying - not caused by the Swine flu, are all dying from pneumonia now with flu like symptoms. I guess they figure, since it has to do the with lungs, they can get away with that.

Would it not be smart for them to just admit, as the doctors in the Ukraine have, that it is the Plague, so people around there can start doing things to protect themselves?
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Ukraine Declares Martial Law - Due to Plague Outbreak
Ukraine Declares Martial Law - Due to Plague Outbreak

From Article:

The Ukranian President Victor Yushchenko declared martial law yesterday and announced the National Security and Defense Council will become the supreme ruling authority following the rise of a new pneumonic plague outbreak.

Anyone that fails to comply with the NSDC will result in application to the law enforcement authorities, the president also said "“I instruct the Government and the Ministry of Health to immediately start preventive and promotional work in areas where there is no epidemic, targeting primarily the special risk groups,“"

The Ukrainian Health Minister Wasilij Knaizevicz also said the country's top prosecutor should open criminal proceedings against anyone opposing the implementation of mass flu vaccination campaigns.
“It is generally known that the only way to prevent any infection is vaccination,“ the address reads, “As the President I ask you, dear fellow citizens, to reconsider your attitude to vaccination and do it if necessary, but only, I emphasize it – only after consultation with the doctor.”

**They will arrest people and prosecute them if they do not take a vaccine? There is NO vaccine for the Plague!!**

At what point will the government there acknowledge what the doctors have said? - due to autopsies and their own observations - The doctors have said "IT IS THE PNEUMONIC PLAGUE"

See article in original post - transferred from other blog.

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Ukraine - Update 11/6/09 9:06am est
Ukraine Pnuemonic Plague or Influenza?

From article *note - this was written 4 days ago*

Ukrainian News Agency "Fraza" reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine".

The Agency asserts that "the head physician of the medical institutions has sent out an informal disposal - not to sow panic, to refute the information about the plague, and to speak only of swine influenza".

It is also required to distribute masks at health facilities with 8 levels of protection and anti-plague protection costumes. There is also an informal order not to allow any visitors to see the patients.

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Ukraine Citizens lined up to buy masks from a Pharmacy - Reports now say, no masks are available anymore in the Ukraine area.

UPDATES TOWARDS BOTTOM OF POST - Continually adding 11/4/09 - 11/5/09 - 11/6/09

As scary as this will sound - the Web bot has gotten a Huge Hit! It was predicted around Oct. 25th "Ill Winds" would begin - this would be something that would cause people to die a horrible death from bleeding in the lungs.

Some kind of mysterious (not mysterious anymore - It IS the PLAGUE) virus is spreading - there are various reports from 3000 dead - though officially from govt. there is only around 60.
This is not H1N1 - this is causing lungs to bleed - with the lungs reaching 130 degrees or more (upon autopsies).

Articles and Information about the mysterious virus:

According to unofficial data, "in Ukraine over the past week have died about 1500 people. Как отмечают некоторые врачи, причина — легочная чума. As noted by some doctors, the reason - pneumonic plague. Высокая температура с первого дня, жжение в области грудной клетки, желание пить холодное и тошнота — эти симптомы пугают всех. High temperatures from the first day, a burning sensation in the chest, the desire to drink cold and nausea - all of these symptoms are frightening. Люди умирают за несколько дней». People die in a few days.

Украинские СМИ тем временем сообщили, что вирус быстрыми темпами распространяется по Украине и уже пришел в Одессу: Ukrainian media meanwhile reported that the virus is rapidly spreading in Ukraine and has already arrived in Odessa:

«В Одесской области скончалась женщина. "In the Odessa area woman died. Свиной грипп у нее не подтвердился, скорее всего, причиной стала легочная чума. Swine influenza it has not been confirmed, likely was the cause of pneumonic plague.

Last night from an unknown virus (presumed pneumonic plague) to hurt another 37 thousand and 12 more died Ukrainians. Власти отрицают, что это легочная чума и настаивают на том, что люди умирают от гриппа, пневмонии и ОРЗ. The authorities deny that this is pneumonic plague, and insist that people die from influenza,

From another article:

From article:

At this hour a team of experts from the World Health Organization is on the ground in Ukraine, but the search for solid answers about what in the world is going on there has not made much progress. Some sources are insisting that it is just the same old H1N1 swine flu that is found in the rest of the world. Others are speculating that the H1N1 swine flu there has mutated into a much deadlier form. Other sources are absolutely convinced that the H1N1 swine flu simply could not produce the kind of deaths that are being seen right now in Ukraine.

Other early reports indicated that the H1N1 swine flu had been ruled out as the cause for at least some of the deaths in Ukraine.

So just what in the world IS going on over there?

Hopefully the WHO will have some honest answers for us over the next few days. If the number of deaths starts climbing into the hundreds or thousands we may have a truly serious problem on our hands.

Up until now, the H1N1 swine flu "pandemic" has mostly been a bunch of hype. World health authorities tell us that about 500,000 people die from the regular seasonal flu around the world each year, and yet only about 5,700 have died from the H1N1 swine flu worldwide so far.

Hardly something to be worried about.

But if the H1N1 swine flu mutates, or if this outbreak in Ukraine is something else entirely, then we may have something real to worry ourselves about.

the bleeding in the lungs is exactly what killed a lot of folks in the 1918-19 pandemic. See the great book "The Great Influenza: The story of the deadliest pandemic in history ." People would literally fall dead walking across the street. The bleeding out of the lungs was most likely the result of a "cytokine storm" that so increased the vascular permeability in the air sacks that blood filled the lungs. The reason why the mortality in the 1918-1919 pandemic was concentrated in the 18-25 yo cohort was that they had the most active immune systems.

Now I've NO conjecture as to who may have let this loose or why. But I do know that the technology is widespread to replicate the 1918-1919 virus that killed 2-4 million Americans and about 50 million world wide. And folks only traveled by ship in 1918. And there is NO vaccine for this flu type.

Hopefully we will know in a couple of weeks the sequences of the 8 RNA pieces in the Ukraine virus. I'll bet the farm that it is a replicant of the "Spanish Flu." If so, the odds are totally infinitesimal that this was NOT a deliberate bioweapon release.

The above was from the article

Govt. update on Ukraine

Ukraine H1N1 Deaths and Hospitalizations Spike Higher
Recombinomics Commentary 21:54
November 2, 2009

255516 Influenza/ARI
15810 Hospital Admissions
235 Intensive Care
70 deaths

The above numbers reflect the latest government update on cases in the Ukraine. They are dramatically higher than those reported in the past few days and raise concerns that the death toll will increase significantly over the next several days.

another article: (this from 29th of Oct. since then thousands more have come down with it - about 1/4 million people)

Western Ukraine was hit by a severe epidemic of unidentified influenza, tentatively diagnosed by doctors as viral pneumonia. The number of dead has climbed dramatically. Doctors advise Western Ukrainians to stay at home and use preventive medication. The first pedestrians wearing face masks have been seen on Lviv streets

Lviv kindergartens and schools have been closed, and the city council is to have its emergency session soon to address the flue outbreak. So far, the information released by the authorities on the epidemic dimensions spread and preventive measures is scarce, causing panic to spread in the city.

All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemmorhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 – 37.3 degrees(Celsius), slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said.

UPDATE - ADDED 5:20PM 11/3/09

Widely reported around the city of Keiv - aircraft were spraying substances in the air on the 30th of October (the day the mysterious virus began there) - I would say this is DEFINITELY "ILL WINDS"!

Link to Panic in Ukraine article

From Article:
Authorities in Kiev, Ukraine, deny spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over city.

The office of Emergency Response in the district of Desniansko, Kiev, are tonight (30th Oct.) strongly refuting reports that light aircraft were spraying a substance over the city intended to counter a “swine flu pandemic” in Ukraine.

It was reported that light aircraft were seen over the Forest market area of the city (close to the Forest metro station) and they were spraying an aerosol substance intended to “counter swine flu”, this of course would constitute forced medication of the population.

The editors of local newspapers in Kiev received dozens of phone calls from concerned residents and shop owners in the Forest market area of the city reporting they had observed several light airplanes circling in the sky during the day spraying an unidentified aerosol into the atmosphere.

Retailers and local business people reported they were advised to “stay indoors” during the day by local authorities.

Local newspapers contacted government administrators in Kiev and were told that “no permission had been granted today (30th Oct.) for small aviation aircraft to fly within the city limits”. Also local FM radio stations in Kiev were regularly refuting the reports during broadcasts today, apparently under duress from local authorities.

Reports of helicopters and light airplanes spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil, and other cities throughout Ukraine are tonight flooding online forums and websites, hundreds of people have verified the reports with their own eye-witness accounts.

Restricted Travel in Ukraine now - all schools and all public meetings - everything is shut down

A Microbiologist warned in August that Baxter planned on releasing a terrible virus in Ukraine he was arrested after he warned the government, he planned on going public with the information.

UPDATE 11/4/09

Ukraine Residents are saying Russia is the one who has released the plague upon them. Doctors are finding the lungs of the victims are black. Officials are now saying it is a previously unknown form of the plague! They are saying the mortality rate is 100%!

link to article:

From Article:

On the other hand, Ukrainian media reported that the virus is rapidly spreading in Ukraine and has already reached Odessa:

"1 woman died in the area of Odessa. Swine influenza has not been confirmed, most likely pneumonic plague was the cause.

Odessa and the region is already infected, most likely, is mutated pneumonic plague ", - said one of the doctors of private clinics in Odessa.

"The panic that spreads through the city, is so great that people are willing to sit at home even on just bread and water. Lack of gauze dressings in the city and surrounding areas - is just the beginning, and there is no elementary necessary ascorbic acid and inhalers.

Meanwhile, the first officially recorded death is because of pneumonic plague, and believe me in reality the are much more, "- says the Odessa physician.

All the doctors throughout Ukraine say that this is pneumonic plague.

"I have met with friends from the western Ukraine, the doctors say that the lungs of the dead were black. And that, perhaps this is not influenza but pneumonic plague. Well, if this is indeed a plague, then the news won't mention it for now, and certainly - it's 100% death (according to the U.S. for 1950-1994 - 41%, but the American health care, of course, not Ukrainian, and American doctors knew that they are dealing with a plague - KC).

UPDATE 11/4/09 9:47PM

Flu Fears from Ukraine to Afghanistan

From article:

The Health Ministry said today that the number of flu patients in the country has risen to 450,000, although it has not been determined how many of those people are suffering from swine flu. Only two days ago, the ministry had said some 255,000 Ukrainians had registered with public health authorities as suffering from the flu, among them 83,000 children.

Urging its citizens not to panic, Ukraine closed the nation's schools for three weeks to avoid the spread of flu and banned large public gatherings.

Mask Regime'

In parts of Russia, local authorities have introduced a so-called "mask regime" to prevent the spread of flu.

RFE/RL's Russian Service reports that in the Khabarovsk region in Russia's Far East, all theater and cinema visitors are obliged to wear surgical masks. So are workers at shop counters and public transportation employees.

The same regulation was introduced in Russia's Baikal region – Zabaikalye – with a fine of 500 rubles ($17) for anyone caught ignoring the rules.

Demand for gauze masks have soared among popular belief that they can help prevent infection. One factory, in Gornji Milanovac, is making some 60,000 masks a day by working around-the-clock and already has advance orders for all its production through the end of this year.

**Plain gauze mask will Do Nothing - it has to be a P100 - 95 mask/filter to be protected against breathing in viral micros in the air*** The authorities and medical personnel should be informing the people this!**

UPDATE: 11/5/09 7:16AM

Email from a Romanian concerning the Plague
November 4, 2009

It is quite possible that what they are really dealing with is the Pnumonic Plague or black death. There are outbreaks all over Romania now, however they will not give any details on the infection and are still insisting that it is all swine flu. My bravo sierra detector is going off big time. What I am seeing here in Romania and getting reports of in Ukraine, poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary is afast moving disease. If is is the black death, you should be concerned, when the black death wiped out 25% of Europe it took 4 years before the plague subsided. It is virulent however it does NOT burn itself out quickly. Sounds like I need some thieves oil.

It is still early and details are sketchy, but the Romanian authorities and the press here are definitely covering something up.

UPDATE 11/5/09 7:39AM

EU Must Help Ukraine Fight Flu

Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer told Reuters that Warsaw was awaiting a reply from Brussels, and said he feared the epidemic could spread rapidly in Eastern Europe.

"Poland has already organized quite reasonable help for Ukraine, but in a split second we will see swine flu in Belarus, we are already hearing something about Romania," he said.

Shipments of medicine and medical equipment have been leaving Poland for Ukraine in recent days. A growing number of swine-flu cases have also been reported in Germany and Slovakia, which likewise share borders with Poland.

UPDATE 11/5/09 11:46AM

WHO Continues to Deceive - Says Ukraine - H1N1

From Article:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to deceive the world by stating sweeping assumptions about the Ukraine pandemic. Despite huge differences in transmission and deaths rates, the agency stated Tuesday that it was valid to assume that most of the cases of influenza reportedly combing through the Ukraine were caused by the pandemic A(H1N1) virus.

There is very little left to be respected of the WHO. After months of using junk science and contradictions to conceal actual swine flu cases, they are now launching phase two of their deceptive operation: Convince the world that a more lethal strain of flu is still the same H1N1 virus.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Donald Lau explained that the chances of the Ukrainian pandemic being the same H1N1 virus that has infected the world are very low. “The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus are infinitesimally small.” Dr. Lau stated that the high viral transmission rates are extremely unusual for H1N1 and there is almost certainly some type of new virus, or a lethal recombination that has occurred.

Dr. Lau speculated that the Ukraine government or the WHO may be withholding and/or suppressing information for some unknown reason. “There must have been some misrepresentation of actual deaths versus infection rates.” Dr. Lau has estimated the probable fatality rate of this new virus to be close to 0.5 percent which is astronomically higher than the H1N1 virus in any part of the world.

Ukrainian authorities on Sunday launched an urgent appeal for help from world powers after it imposed drastic measures to tackle a sudden surge of flu-like illness in the country.

Almost 500,000 cases of influenza and acute respiratory illness have been reported, according to approximate but official Ukrainian figures cited by the WHO.

UPDATE 11/5/09 12:09pm EST

Ukraine Presidential Address to Citizens

Please see above link to read the address to the people - The President there is saying it is the H1N1 - but stronger and changed from what the rest of the world has and has asked for assistance from the UN.

Why is it governments lie to the people? When doctors are saying it IS the Plague - all the symptoms of it and the autopsies are proving it.

UPDATE - 11/5/09 12:15PM


From Information:

Reported Cases in Ukraine Double in Two Days
Recombinomics Commentary 14:34
November 4, 2009
478,456 Influenza/ARI
24,003 Hospitalized
60 Ventilators
81 Deaths

The above numbers are from the latest update from Ukraine. The number of infected patients has almost doubled to just under ½ million, compared to the report two days ago (see map). Hospitalized patients also have spiked higher, to 24K from 15K. ICU cases are not listed, but 60 on ventilators are. However, most (37) of those on ventilators are Chernivisti Oblast, but Lviv, which has the most fatalities and cases, has none, suggesting the data is incomplete or there are significant shortages of ventilators. The number of dead has risen to 81, but media reports describe additional fatalities, include those in the Kiev Oblast.

The explosion of cases again raises concerns that the number of fatalities is significantly higher than the 81 listed. Media reports have described an equal number of pneumonia fatalities which were not considered flu related. The basis of these exclusions remains unclear. Similarly, anecdotal reports suggest the number of fatalities is markedly higher than the 81 in the table.

The rapid rise in reported infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in the past few days raise concerns that the virus is transmitting very efficiently. Spikes in cases have been reported throughout the northern hemisphere, but the spike in fatalities and the frequency in hemorrhagic cases in Ukraine have raised concerns.

Earlier media reports suggest that an update by WHO might be issued today and include preliminary analysis of samples sent to Mill Hill in London.

Daily updates on the rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine, including sequence analysis, would be useful.

UPDATE 11/5/09 1:14PM EST

96 Ukrainians died from flu

Chairwoman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health issues Tatiana Bahteeva said at the session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that 96 people died from flu and its complications in Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, in accordance with her words, among people, who died, there are 6 doctors, 7 pregnant women and 9 children.

*We are suppose to believe only 96 people have died? When inside sources are saying it is A LOT more? They have admitted 6 doctors have died - a report earlier (linked above) said 10% of the health care workers in the Ukraine were affected - that was 2 days ago.*

UPDATE: 11/5/09 2:15PM

Kirovohrad region became next to impose quarantine

From Article:

Today at 16:50 | Ukrainian News

The Kirovohrad region has imposed quarantine because cases of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections have almost reached the epidemic threshold, according toKirovohrad regional administration website.
The Kirovohrad region's Governor Volodymyr Movchan signed the relevant directive on Nov. 4.

6, 914 people have been infected in Kirovohrad region (357 of them have been hospitalized) since Oct. 29, according to the Health Ministry, .

The Cabinet of Ministers imposed quarantine in nine regions on Oct. 30 because of the epidemic of the H1N1 influenza.

Ukraine's chief sanitary doctor Oleksandr Bilovol forecasted on Nov. 4 that quarantine would soon be introduced in the Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Odesa, Poltava, and Chernihiv regions after they reach the epidemic threshold for influenza and acute respiratory viral infections.

UPDATE 11/5/09 2:26PM EST

Update: more death, illness

From Article:

Today at 14:10 | (Wire reports)

Ukraine’s Health Ministry on Nov. 5 said the death toll of patients with flu-related and acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) had jumped to 95.

Deputy Health Minister Zinoviy Mytnik said told journalists during a press briefing that a total of 633, 877 cases of flu-related and ARI have been registered from Oct. 29 through Nov. 5.

Mytnik said 15 of 31 patient samples sent to London for laboratory analysis tested positive for the H1N1, or swine flu, virus.

Meanwhile, over 600 medical workers in Kyiv have fallen sick with the flue and acute respiratory illnesses, according to Kyiv deputy Mayor Iryna Kilchitskaya, who on Nov. 5 told a daily Kyiv newspaper that 200 of the afflicted are doctors.

In a related story, Ihor Pokanevych, head of the WHO office in Kyiv, told Deutsche Welle on Nov. 5 that in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, there will be three waves of the swine flu virus: the first – which Ukraine is experiencing now, the second – in the spring, and the third – during the autumn of 2010.

Pokanevych noted that the current pandemic is complicated to sort out because it involves three strains of flu virus: two seasonal strains [of the Brisbane] flu and the swine flu, which as a result could lead the virus to mutate into a still more virulent, new virus.

UPDATE 11/6/09 7:25AM EST

Swine Flu Spreading in Ukraine Army

From Article:

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said that now 3967 people among military men are registered with viral diseases.
Among those people, who fell ill – 190 out of them have pneumonia and 4 people have flu A/H1N1.

I have noticed the govt there are saying those with the plague have pneumonia - so what the above means to me, is the plague is spreading through the military now.

3 out of 14 people who fell ill with swine flu died – head sanitary inspector

Head sanitary inspector of Ukraine Oleksandr Bilovol says that 3 people out of 14 people who fell ill with swine flu died in Ukraine. According to an UNIAN correspondent, O. Bilovol said this today at the conference call of Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko with leaders of regions concerning issues of prevention of spreading of infectious diseases.
The above article is from 2 days ago - the Head Inspector - is the same one, who has said there is no Unusual problem of the Swine Flu in Ukraine.

Why the Hell is MSM not saying a Word about this? Not online and not on T.V?! Nothing - nada - can anyone find Anything from MSM about this?

I researched about the Plague's history and how people survived it.
The Black Death

I did not realize the difference between the Bubonic Plague and the Pneumonic Plague - but I found out at the above link. I wanted to find out how people had survived the Plague when it had spread before.

First the Bubonic Plague was the skin with wounds that would turn black - thus called the Black Death. 50% of the people who got the Bubonic Plague lived. The Pneumonic Plague is of the lungs and only 10% of those people lived who got it. I could not find anything special those 10% did, but I am going to continue searching. The reason the Pneumonic Plague spread fast, is because it goes through the air as people breath in and out or cough. The Bubonic Plague, people had to actually touch the wounds to get the virus. If this is the Pneumonic Plague as the doctors say it is in the Ukraine, I believe finding out everything possible to survive it is a very good idea (which I am sure everyone agrees with that). I will insert all things I find about what people need to do, for the best chance of survival.

I also believe at some point the media will have to acknowledge what is going on there.

Facts about the Plague from the government.

On the site, interesting enough, they say it can be sprayed, so it could be used for terrorism. There were many reports of spraying being done the day before the outbreak.

From information on U.S. govt. website.

Depending on circumstances, these forms may occur separately or in combination:Pneumonic plague occurs when Y. pestis infects the lungs. This type of plaguecan spread from person to person through the air. Transmission can take placeif someone breathes in aerosolized bacteria, which could happen in a bioterrorist

Now, I have a question to everyone... would it really hurt to have 3M permanent half mask with filters to protect yourself and family members? Spending a few dollars (less than $20) for a mask - and getting the P100 filters for it (hard case ones), what is wrong with that? As I see it - better to be prepared ahead of time - before it is needed - than to wait and can't get something when it is needed.

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I firmly believe having a mask will be a very valuable item in the future.

When this starts spreading more and MSM has to finally mention it - A mask will be the hottest commodity around - but don't expect to be able to get one easily. This last spring (first H1N1 hype) - 3M mask were on back order on all websites I searched.

No, I am not being hyper about this - I am only being smart about it - in our world today - things spread fast..... better to be prepared ahead of time.

More Information regarding Bot Hit:

The bot said it would be a few days of absolute torture to people and then they would die - this virus will sweep around the world - with ultimately 2 billion people dying - Also remember this may be what the bot has predicted for affecting meat too - somehow - and many people will die from eating the tainted meat of animals. It will be realized late - and people will not be able to eat any meat in the future. (I know that all this seems impossible and hard to imagine). I sincerely hope the rest of the bots prediction does not come true.

I will continue to update the information as I find it.

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+ UPDATE 11/7/09 1:45pm est Russia On Verge Of Flu ...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 1:17pm est Poland Govt. Will Not G...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 9:20am est - Interpol Had a Trainin...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 8:38am est - A Flu Tracker Interact...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 8:19am est BULGARIA, TURKEY AND ITA...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 7:46am est Yushchenko team unveils ...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 7:25am est U.S. to Donate 930,000 S...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 7:15am est A One Billion Request fo...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 7:01am est Prime Minister - Vaccina...
+ UPDATE 11/7/09 6:52am est Death Toll Now "Official...
+ Update 11/6/09 2:56pm est CASES DOUBLED OVER NIGH...
+ Update 11/6/09 2:31 pm CDC Brochure On How to Prot...
+ Update - 11/6/09 2:11PM est - Officials Say 109 D...
+ update - 11/6/09 11:15am est Official Statement - ...
+ Belarus Now having Deaths from a "Pneumonia Flu"
+ Ukraine Declares Martial Law - Due to Plague Outbr...
+ Ukraine - Update 11/6/09 9:06am est

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Ukraine Map and Surrounding Countries
Ukraine Map and Surrounding Countries
Map Of Ukraine
Map Of Ukraine
Ukraine Facts
47.8 million

Ethnic Groups:
Ukrainian 78%
Russian 17%
Other: Belarusian, Moldovan, Crimean Tatar

Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Eastern Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic

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Comment by ELY on November 8, 2009 at 12:46pm
GEE!! I'm so glad the House passed Obamacare last night! Jus in time to save us! NOW WE ARE SAFE! (CHOKE, CHOKE!)

But to be safe;

I just emailed this story to a friend here locally whom recently “Legally” emigrated here from the Ukraine. She still has family there and is generally in weekly communication with.

Also I work with someone that lives in The Lake in the Hills, I’ll ask her tomorrow at work if she heard about the Illinois part of the story.

I’ll update here when and what I hear. (True or False).
Comment by okpatriot on November 7, 2009 at 11:29pm
It seems to me, that their "exercise" may have just been an excuse to release the bio-terrorism/disease.
Comment by Oregon Country Girl on November 7, 2009 at 11:22pm
OK--Now I watched the video...Myself and my family will not be taking the vaccine. I have not felt good about it all along. I have heard it's a bio-weapon, or it's a means to weaken the immune system so people will be more susceptible to diseases. I've also heard it's a micro-chip implant. To be honest, I don't know what the complete truth is...but, I've heard enough scary things about the vaccine...that I don't feel right about taking it.
Comment by Oregon Country Girl on November 7, 2009 at 11:13pm
I'm not concerned. I pray and ask God's protection for myself and my family. It's difficult to discern whether this is blown out of proportion. I've been receiving e-mails since April giving warnings about the H1N1 has not been well tested...and could be dangerous. The H1N1 is now mutating? I suppose it could be, but so what? I'm not concerned about it---I'm not going to panic---and run out and get the vaccine when it could be just as dangerous, (or even more so). People die every day from different circumstances. God has my days numbered on this earth. His word says to live one day at a time, with no fear for tomorrow.






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