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The Scourge of Human/Child Trafficking and How the Border Wall Can Reduce it

I have a post that is so long that I may have to separate it into two or three blogs.  However, it is meant to be integrated in order to get the full effect of the message out to the reader. It also covers several months of time and several people's blogs. Please have patience and try to read them in one sitting.  I start with the introduction of a blog that I feel is so important at this time with the crisis over the construction of the border wall and the reasons why the wall is so important.


Stop Child Trafficking--Build the Wall

Posted by Edie Boudreau on December 29, 2018

This is a post that I just came across on Facebook. Please don't wait for them to Share it. It is VITAL that it become VIRAL asap. Please copy and paste it into every Social Media, News Post and Conservative website of which you are a member.  We must save the children, and Build the Wall NOW!!


A post by Deitra Durbin

December 27

This a post I found in one of my groups. The person who posted this--her name is Amy Coello.


I have refrained and really tried to only state this privately, but I think the time has come. I know I will probably get backlash and I just really don't care anymore. Why? Because nobody knows the crap that I deal with in human trafficking investigation.

My average day in human trafficking investigation would traumatize the average human.

1) I specialize in Texas human trafficking. I have been up against FBI/DHS/CPS on several cases. I KNOW southern border human trafficking/drugs/gun runs.

2) I worked with the Honduran Government. Externally, yes, but was involved in politics and government of that country and lived there and ran a company and a ministry for several years.

3) My husband was the chaplain for MS13 gang IN HONDURAS. Meaning, I spent much time in a third world prison with MS13 gang members that were segregated FROM THE REGULAR POPULATION. To which they were so dangerous they were self-policed and the guards could not even enter . . .yet they (the prisoners) allowed us to enter. Guards were posted in towers at all four corners. If I called the govt over prison and asked about the MS13 gang population I GUARANTEE it would be many fewer if not empty . . .because they were interspersed throughout the caravan. I know this because I studied tattoos and I see them even on the newscasts!! You have no idea how dangerous these people are. You just don't understand. This isn't TV crime. We saw people murdered right in front of us, we saw more dead bodies than I care to tell you about. Honduras was rated the MOST dangerous country in the western hemisphere when I lived there. There is a reason for that.

We need the wall. Every one of us involved in trafficking investigation (that isn't govt attached) knows this. It isn't about immigrant petty crime or a murder here or there. We are talking about MILLIONS of dollars in trafficking of our children to and from. ISIS (which was govt created) funded MS13 gang. Honduras is partial middle east/Jewish/Spaniard/British ... it is a very unique country with very unique ties. Just ONE case I worked on for the last 4 years trafficked about 630 children a year, through the border.

Maybe you don't believe in the border. But statistics prove fewer border issues where we have a wall. Numbers are PROVEN by looking at other countries that have walls and it is 90% less illegal border crossing.

WHAT IF . . .WHAT IF . . . one of those children was worth it? What if it stopped ONE child from being trafficked from CPS/DHS thru the Spanish pathway or into our country? would it be worth it if it was your child?

If you haven't worked in trafficking or the Honduran govt or with MS13 gangs …you don't have the intel to have an opinion. Leave it to the people that do have the intel. I say this from someone that has about 2% of the intel and it SCARES ME.

I gave up my case in 2017 because I simply couldn't beat a govt. that was involved in trafficking. When I step outside of my home and find a red laser on my chest, and I don't know if it is my govt. or my target …I am done. When 7 of our witnesses are murdered before trial …I am done.

But since Trump came into office it has stirred a hornets' nest, and we have had more arrests than we have EVER SEEN, and we have more leads stirred up than we have ever had in our history of investigation. You may not like his personality. Maybe you don't like the booming economy.  Maybe you don't like his past sins. Maybe you can't stand his twitter account …but we in trafficking take our hats off to him. Sometimes it takes a narcissistic profile to strategically disrupt (trafficking terms).

If he does NOTHING else . . . he is winning the human trafficking space, and that is enough for us.

We need the wall. This is a Texas thing, and I wish we didn't have to rely on Feds to determine what we did with our borders, but alas …it does. If it was determined by us Texans …a bunch of motorcycle clubs and hunting clubs would have already built the damn wall.  Anyway, we can afford it …we have more oil than you can shake a stick at..

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