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I heard an interview with Paul Nehlen this morning on WISN with morning host, Jay Weber.

Until today.........Primary Day in Wisconsin, I heard little about or FROM Mr Nehlen. [actually more HERE then locally]

Generally candidates approach various radio stations about on air interviews but up until this morning, the two Conservative stations in Milwaukee had not heard from Mr Nehlen or his campaign....this morning, however, a representative of Paul Nehlen's campaign contacted WISN to request an interview. The rep left two phone numbers for a call a 262 area code, from Wisc. and the other a 202 area code...Virginia.

The producer as well as Jay Weber, tried to call back [the producer repeated both numbers to the rep. and was told they were correct].....both Jay and his producer attempted to call both numbers THREE times.....the 262 number was the voice mail of someone named "Amy"......obviously NOT Mr Nehlen's personal number as they had been told. The Virginia number was "currently unassigned".

Mr Nehlen was offered time at 9:40 and he did call in.....he spent much of the time crowing about how he had run a "Fortune 500 Business" from various states & had moved to Wisc. in 2008 to 'run' the 'Flagship' of the company & worked on Paul Ryan's behalf in 2014.

I must say that the thing that made the greatest impression on me was there are not enough hours in the day for all of his "ACCOMPLISHMENTS"........He ran an international business, and had moved several times to 'rebuild' those businesses' with GREAT success...he had been to the border  and had purchases rifles and armor with his OWN $$$$$.....he pretty much FILIBUSTERED the interview.........

Over 90% of his donations have come from Virginia.....................WHY???

Paul Ryan is far ahead of Paul Nehlen..............

It has been my lifelong experience that if something or someone sounds too good to be true.....they usually ARE!!!

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Comment by gmiller on August 10, 2016 at 2:31pm

Go back and read your own comments, Kathryn. I was responding to you.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on August 10, 2016 at 2:11pm

That sucks. Democrats must have crossed over.

Comment by Kathryn Ball on August 10, 2016 at 10:49am

Yes, Philip, he DID! By 70 points.

gmiller.....I was not referring to Trump.....weren't we talking about Paul Nehlen????

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on August 10, 2016 at 12:50am

Ryan won the primary.

Comment by gmiller on August 9, 2016 at 10:33pm

That was a rhetorical question, actually.


"You say that "he [Trump] is the second candidate in your lifetime with the potential to upset the establishment status quo" 2008, the democrat presidential candidate promised "HOPE & CHANGE".....he also promised to "TRANSFORM America"..........The "First Black President" had so many more opportunities then most previous presidents........but NOBODY PROPERLY VETTED HIM!!! LOOK where we find ourselves today................"

The compare the two is absurd. "Obama" made vague fuzzy statements about hope and change, offered no real platform. Occasionally some of his deadly philosophies leaked out in unguarded moments.

In contrast, Trump has a 40 year long paper trail. So, we can see his beliefs, we can see that he gets things done, we can see his continuing journey toward a more Conservative'/Libertarian outlook, although he is not there yet and is surprisingly unschooled in political matters.

Comment by Kathryn Ball on August 9, 2016 at 9:26pm

Do I think Ryan is preferable to Nehlen????

Until Ryan was named Speaker of the House, I always thought he was, at his heart, a TRUE Conservative....I was thrilled when Romney chose him as his running mate. I will admit that I have questioned many of the decisions he's made as well as the programs, spending etc AFTER being chosen as Speaker.

I was absolutely AGAINST the spending proposals he led Congress to approve but am also aware of the shenanigans that occur in Congress......I would love to see it mandated that ALL bills are simply written in just a few pages but what we HAVE is a bunch of LAWYERS blurring the language and making the deciphering of the "LEGALESE" almost IMPOSSIBLE for the PEONS to understand.

To be brutally honest, I think Washington DC should be declared a national Museum and that each and everyone of these people we elect should be REQUIRED to serve in the communities they have been elected to represent.......that would assure us of adult supervision.

What "WE the People" fail to comprehend [much to the absolute DELIGHT of the inside the beltway crowd] is that these men and women promise EVERYTHING "WE" want to hear.....they then travel to Washington where they are taken to a small room where their SPINES are REMOVED.....They become a part of the CREATURE that is the political class of our nation's capitol..................they are isolated and INSULATED from the PEASANTS they once promised to faithfully represent........................ALL A STEAMING PILE OF HORSE MANURE!!!!!!!

Thomas Jefferson once said; "The tree of Liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants"......sadly, I think it is time.....perhaps long PAST time..........

You say that "he [Trump] is the second candidate in your lifetime with the potential to upset the establishment status quo" 2008, the democrat presidential candidate promised "HOPE & CHANGE".....he also promised to "TRANSFORM America"..........The "First Black President" had so many more opportunities then most previous presidents........but NOBODY PROPERLY VETTED HIM!!! LOOK where we find ourselves today................

I am 68 yrs old.....I've been married to the same man for 51 years...our children are grown, successful with amazing breaks my heart that their tomorrows hold so much less promise then those we faced in early adulthood..................I pray lots more then when I was their age.

Comment by gmiller on August 9, 2016 at 8:53pm

But, do you think Ryan is preferable to Nehlen?

Comment by gmiller on August 9, 2016 at 8:52pm

Kathryn: I agree about lesser of two evils situation. But it's not as bad as having to vote for NeoCon RINO Globalists like the Bushes, Romney, McShame, etc. I will be voting for Trump.

The bright side is that he is only the second candidate in my lifetime with the potential to REALLY upset the establishment status quo. I like his positions on immigration, trade, economy, foreign policy, Supreme Court choices and much more. Some of the clueless say they don't know that he is working on reducing spending to go with the tax cuts, but if they were actually listening, they would.

Comment by Kathryn Ball on August 9, 2016 at 7:32pm

gmiller....I never said OR implied there have not been campaign events.....What I SAID is that Mr Nehlen has not contacted ANY of the Conservative talk show hosts in the metro Milwaukee area......NONE! Until today.

I heard on WISN....Morning Host Jay Weber state that he had not been contacted until yesterday or today.....the Nehlen representative gave TWO phone numbers that were not valid.....Jay Weber stated on the air, that he would be available at 9:40 AM for an on air interview with Mr Nehlen....Nehlen called in and proceeded to FILIBUSTER for most of the interview.

I wrote an honest OPINION of that interview and Nehlen HONESTLY sounded like he was a legend in his own mind.

There is no EVIDENCE for all of the things he stated he has/is doing and has done with his life.

He MAY well be a perfectly nice guy with great qualifications.....he, however, did NOT represent himself well.

Having said all of that.....Donald Trump has ALSO come across as a Narcissistic personality..........

To be honest.....I have voted....actually EVERY presidential election for the lesser of two evils......Bob Dole [Elizabeth would have been the BETTER candidate but it "was Bob's TURN"].........John McCain [please please PLEASE retire], Mitt Romney [who, quite frankly, was a GOOD MAN] and now am faced with an OOMPAH LOOMPAH with horrible hair and an ego the size of the planet Jupiter........add to that, absolutely NO FILTER for what falls from his brain to his mouth and out..................he's like a bloody GUM BALL MACHINE!!!

I have stated in previous posts that I feel much like "ALICE" after stepping through the Looking Glass [or falling down the rabbit hole]. This country that I grew up in and love is no longer anywhere NEAR where I am] I think I actually KNOW how Alice felt when testing the mushroom [or pill].

The founding Fathers of this once GREAT Nation are surely SPINNING in their graves......I KNOW how they must feel.

Comment by gmiller on August 9, 2016 at 3:55pm

There have been Nehlen events:

paul nehlen campaign events






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