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Obama will ALWAYS be our number one target here at American Grand Jury/

Greetings everyone,

I have received hundreds of letters in response to our last couple of newsletters. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.

There were a number of questions regarding the survey, its purpose and results. Don't try and read too much into the survey. It was designed to merely spark interest and talk amoung the membership. Some were concerned we were loosing site of our original goal of going after Obama. Well, you should never worry about that! Obama will ALWAYS be our number one target here at American Grand Jury. We will convene a minimun of 3 Grand Juries in January and the Obama Grand Jury will be at the top of the list. Our thoughts on the secondary Grand Juries (especially the idea of going after a Judge) will simply be a "back-door" attempt to get Obama. We have over 300 new members that joined us in past 5 weeks. We hope that each new member will accept the challenge to serve on one of our Obama juries to see how things are really done. We will also ask all the "seasoned" jury members to join us in these upcoming Grand Juries if they so choose.

I received a number questions concerning the "split" as US Grand Jury likes to put it. Folks, there was no split. Two people in our membership left, Mack Ellis and Mac MacDougall. If you would like to learn more about US Grand Jury you can visit their website, all one page of it. From there you will be invited to become a member of Facebook. The argument was not about money, that was an excuse. The argument was about a letter I received from Commander Fitzpatrick accusing me personally of commercializing the Pendleton 8 Grand Jury. Well, AGJ never tried to commercialize Pendleton 8. We dropped the sponsorship the minute we found out that certain people did not want us to convene the Jury. Folks, we have 2,400 members. My responsibilies lie with those members, not with a minority of 2 people that don't agree with how I run the ship. Look, I will never openly attack another Patriot that is trying to remove Obama anyway they can. If US Grand Jury thinks they can do a better job copying AGJ or innovating then so be it. In the mean time, our ship is moving on. We have a year of history behind us and we are getting stronger and stronger. Just keep the faith -- we are not going to quit -- In my opinion, the more organizations or groups that go after Obama the better!

Remember, our mission is to convene Grand Juries, hand down Presentments and serve Presentments upon the courts. That is what we do. Those of you that think we are not making our voice heard are mistaken. Our job is to make waves, upset courts, make Judges uneasy and finally, to let Obama know we are coming after him. Six months ago no one knew who American Grand Jury was. Today, many folks know who we are and what we stand for. As long as we don't give up, Obama cannot beat us. Evil will never prevail as long as good men, and women stand up and fight! American Grand Jury is full of good men and women.

Concerning BlogTalk radio: I received a number of requests to start up a new BlogTalk show. We are going to do that. Mack Ellis was able to take the AGJ BlogTalk show with him as long as he changed the name. The name has been changed. We have already created a new account on BlogTalk. The account has the "original" American Grand Jury name on it. The URL link is the same as it has always been:

The show starts next week with Phil and Bob being your hosts. The show will be recorded each week and will be available for easy download on the American Grand Jury servers the following day. We will also have a private Chat room (new and improved) for members to visit when we are on the air. Time and dates will be emailed to you early next week. The show will be on Wednesday nights with the first show starting next Wednesday, December 23rd.

Okay, that should be enough information to get your blood flowing. :-)

Best Wishes,

Phil Dedrick
American Grand Jury

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on December 18, 2009 at 3:16pm
Grand Jury presentments are an interesting political use of a little used part of our legal system.
It IS a way to DO something without having to wait for an election or wait for a divided congress to take some action against it's own members and/or the president. These are challenging times and congress is rushing pell mell to push through legislation a majority of the population doesn't want. Much of the work of this democrat congress has been behind close doors and with the help of their national media team members, it remains out of sight of the very citizens who elected these vermin to congress. ANY action we can take to slow the current legislative process is in our own best interest. Thank you Phil for your hard work and attempts to right these wrongs.






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