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Not all of America’s youth is liberal brainwashed!

This was a comment I made on a blog posting of John Burroughs. He suggested; “You should post this as a blog so that everyone can enjoy!”

John was having issues with some comments from some youth somewhere.

So here is the commnet I left:
Let’s not be too harsh on ALL the youth! Ironically, just before coming here I ran across this posting at a petition site that deserves our review. It puts back a level of hope that America will make it after all. I agree 100% with your comments, but I also find it refreshing to see REAL hope in action, and that all is not lost!

Here is what the petition had to say:

Aug 10, 2009, Morgan xxxxxx, Wisconsin
This man is a socialist and, just like purple is the new black, Obama is the new Hitler. I made this petition and am not afraid to sign it. True courage is how we act when everything is on the line and also when no one is looking. No one is looking right now, and everything is on the line. The way America is and should be is on the line and now, I, a 15-year old highschool sophomore, am taking the option of freedom of speech, the press and all my other rights before Obama eliminates them and I am trying to put an end to this "universal nightmare" as Sean Hannity puts it. And it's true, he's right. If I can, you can. Sign this and agree to keep your right to choose your doctor, hospital and so much more. Agree to keep more doctors in practice and agree to keep a doctor/patient relationship. Keep caring doctors here, not government officials. Keep the waiting list out of existance. Keep free healthcare (which isn't free anyway) aways from illegal immigrants who don't have to pay taxes. Keep your money.You shouldn't have to live like the people who travel so far to get what we already have. this is America. Protest. Say it loud and say it proud; you can knock us down, but you can't knock us out. We will always come back for more and each time we will take a huge chunk of Obama's credibility with us and leave him to crumble. He's trying to ruin the American people by targeting us. That sacred mistake will be his downfall, but only if we take advantage of it. Show them we are not manufactured, but unique. Show them we are not being paid, but we are filled with passion and concern for our country. Show Obama what true Americans are made of. We won't stand for this, we will stand against it. We are the American people and we will not be silenced.


I didn’t display the youth’s full name. I also was so moved that I had to sign the petition, and leave the following comments in support.

Way to go Morgan! This is so fantastic to see that not all of America’s youth has been brainwashed. Way too many kids are so wrapped up into themselves, and their material things like ipods, cell phones with texting, and every other toy this generation has been given. These are all good things, but when these things, and other fun activities are placed ahead of ones freedoms, you will soon have neither. For these things are actually rewards of good responsibility, and should never be treated as a right to have them. To have freedom requires a good sense of responsibility. And if we parents have failed this generation then it was when we left our youth’s teachings of responsibility to the liberal education system, which made liberal mush of our kid’s brains. Trust me when I tell you that the teachings of today have omitted American pride and values from its curriculum. Don’t be to hard on the parents for they didn’t see it coming, and it is true, a parent wants more for their children then they had in life. The problems came when the parents trusted too much resulting in society actually taking our freedoms of teaching our offspring our beliefs, but have imposed today’s liberal values (or lack there of). If America is to survive it will take the youth of this country coming forth to save it. Don’t be intimidated, stand tall with American pride (it’s not hokey) and never fail your country, for if you do, it will fail you. (Just as my Woodstock Generation has failed). Rally the youth and save America and the freedoms that came with it. What do you think Obama is trying to do with his National Youth Groups, resist them and save other kids from being tricked into service. This is not service to America, rather its service to the Messiah Obama and Socialism!

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Comment by ELY on August 31, 2009 at 10:07am
Linda, This is good to hear! I too have also spoken with people in their 20’s and 30’s that voted for Obama and they too claim that they have “seen the light”. With even many-many more questioning what they have done with their vote? And the best part of this is that we do not even have to tell them, for as time passes Obama is sinking his own ship!
Comment by Linda Maddox on August 31, 2009 at 9:34am
Trust me I don't care how brainwashed you think the kids of today are. I have children 38,36,25,20 & 13. All the older ones know, the 25 year old friends have already woken up, they are all going to fight if need be, they might not be writing, faxing, calling, but they will be there when we need them. Even my nephew who was liberal, has told my husband all the young men don't like what Obama is doing! My 13, knows where ever I go I talk to everyone to see if they know, she said "Mom no one ever disagrees with you". They are with us!
Comment by ELY on August 30, 2009 at 6:09pm
Good Point, I forgot to post the link, try this one. You may have to open a FREE account / login.
(After that you can use this site to starte your own petitions.)






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