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Leftwing Media Refuse To Vet Anti-American Obama ---- (But Andrew Breitbart Will—Even In Death!)


Leftwing Media Refuse To Vet Anti-American Obama ---- (But Andrew Breitbart Will—Even In Death!)
by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.
Before I begin,   I want to express my sadness, shock and great disappointment at the sudden death of a great young American patriot,  Andrew Breitbart,  whose career objective was to  expose the lies, lack of ethics and criminality of the radical Left which was soley responsible for engineering the ‘election’ of our first ever  anti-American president.    Breitbart will live on,  and I pray his work will continue through those who are  part of his organizations.   Meanwhile,  the irreverent Leftwing press publicly expresses their glee---bastards!   These  slugs have not even enough civility to remain silent.   Remember THAT when you vote this Fall.
The lamestreet television networks will not touch the trail of destruction left by Barry Soetoro  (aka Barrack Obama) who was propelled to the highest office in America by the radical Left.  His campaign was launched in the Chicago home of  William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn,  radical  revolutionaries of the Sixties who planned and carried out bombings of  public buildings amongst other high crimes (for which Dorhn served prison time).  These traitors and their communist/Marxist ilk,  aided financially by billionaire socialist  George Soreass,   are also soley responsible for creating the Occupy Wall Street protest  ‘groupies’ in an attempt to divert attention away from their  their pied piper Obama’s real plan for ‘change’  and his path of destruction.  The radical Left may be well ahead of conservatives because they are strategizing a media campaign of lies, diversions from reality,  and attacks upon any patriot who runs against unvetted Obama.   They plan to accomplish their goals through recruitment of ner-do-wells who will be paid by the Administration with taxpayer funds to help them commit the greatest election fraud in American history---under the veil of reorganized ACORN remnants and the big labor unions. 
A free nation cannot survive  without a free press.  The national television networks,  complimented by internet media organizations such as Media Matters funded by wealthy socialists,  can brainwash their consumers through acts of commission and omission.  They hype the false promises of the Left,  commit  character assassinations (of conservative patriots),  and worse,  fail to present factual data which attests to the current reality of a nation in social,  cultural,  and economic distress and the reasons why.  They fail to assign blame on those who are responsible for preventing  our government from conducting business on behalf of the electorate.   The most striking  example of media bias is their complacency---and conspiracy--- in hiding Obama’s lifelong desire to overthrow American capitalism either through violence or politically.  That contraindicates his eligibility to serve in any public office.   Obama is not a patriot.  Obama  has no respect for our Constitution and the liberties it protects.   These facts are clear from what we do know of his past,  including  the people with which he has associated,  his actions and inactions as President,  and  the propaganda speeches written  by his handlers intended to divert attention from his disastrous track record and true intentions.  His campaign strategy,  designed by the radical Left,  is to divide and conquer the electorate one group at a time  by inciting  racial, ethnic and economic conflict and envy.    His narcissism and hypocricy allow him to  enjoy  profligate spending of OUR money for an opulent lifestyle  at a time when our national unemployment rate is the highest in decades (see last week’s discussion of this fact),  wages for workers in private sector continue to fall,  and American industry continues to move offshore to avoid the worst regulatory environment and highest taxes of any nation on Earth.  
The revolutionary Left’s plan IS to break the back of freedom---to destroy the middle class by forcing them into government  dependency,  in return for securing votes to perpetuate the Left’s Marxist control of the people.    Wisconsin may be the  posterchild  of what we can expect in this Fall’s elections?   A liberal Federal judge denied Governor Scott Walker’s request to review and ensure that signatures on his recall petition ( launched by Unions in concert with the radical Left) were valid.    The state’s  election commission went so far as to say that fake names would not be removed from the petition!   This is an outrage which threatens the  foundation of a free nation----free elections.  And it is being perpetuated at the highest levels of government by the Dept of Injustice and the Obama administration via multiple avenues.  The radical Left and Obama have the money, organization,  and the criminal mindset to pull off the greatest election fraud in history.   Should they succeed unchallenged by We the People,  you will no longer live in Amerca----“Land of the free”---which was created more than two hundred years ago and undergirded by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.   Spread these words  if you care about your and your children’s future!
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