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Getting rid of both Democrats and Republicans who support corruption and self-interest, rather than the Constitution, is of utmost and immediate importance

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Michael Oberndorf, RPA  Thursday, January 12, 2012
The election of a president in this country has become anything other than a contest among qualified executives willing to work as a public servant to the American people, for four arduous years. Instead, it has become a) a huge, years-long distraction, used by the left to take attention away from the continuous flow of destructive bills, executive orders, regulations, administrative rules, and legislation disguised as judicial rulings from judges at every level of the judiciary; b) a huge business worth several billion dollars, that ties up thousands of people who should be doing something productive, but in fact, do even less of value than the “green energy industry;” and c) as a result of a) and b), keeps people from expending the time and attention needed to elect honest, capable, Constitution-supporting senators and representatives. A quick look at the current Congress and the state of the country should leave not a shadow of a doubt in anyone’s mind that this is true.

The simple truth is that it really doesn’t matter much who is president, if Congress has a majority of members who are honest, honorable men and women who actively support adherence to the Constitution. They are the ones who produce and pass legislation and budgets, not the president. All the president can do is make suggestions and sign or veto what is passed. Indeed, even “executive orders” can be neutered by Congress by refusing to authorize the funding to implement them. With a solid majority in Congress, vetoes can be over-ridden, and corrupt and lawless officials can be impeached, something which the current Congress seems to have completely, and with cowardice aforethought, forgotten.

To illustrate how worthless Congress has become, there are some 28 bills passed by the House, aimed at solving all sorts of budgetary and economic problems, that are trapped by Harry Reid and his lock-step (or should I say goose-step?) Democrats, in Senate committees. Other than some perfunctory and very subdued whining by a few House Republicans, no effort has been made to generate the country-wide public outrage needed to force the Senate to get these bills to the floor for a vote. Claiming that the Senate will only vote the bills down is another phony, misguided concept, used to justify craven inaction. If Democrats and their RINO running dogs vote against bills that contain real solutions to real problems, this becomes – if nothing else - a lethal political club to bludgeon them with in the 2012 elections.

Another fact that has just come out is that in just the past 10 months, the Republican-controlled House, many of whose members got elected on a platform of reducing the deficit, stopping the addictive borrowing and spending, and cutting the budget, has instead, voted to increase spending, and thus the deficit, by over a trillio.... Clearly, Obama-Soetoro and the Marxist mafia are not the only ones lying to We, the People. Republican misleaders Boehner, McConnell, et al., and the running dogs in the Republican establishment appear confident that we believe anything they tell us, and that we really weren’t serious about wanting the country to remain a free, capitalist, constitutional republic.

Getting rid of both Democrats and Republicans who support corruption and self-interest, rather than the Constitution, is of utmost and immediate importance. The intentional damage being done on a now daily basis by Obama-Soetoro and his Marxist/neo-fascist administration, using executive orders, the EPA, “recess” appointments, etc., needs to be halted, not it 2012, but now. We, the People need to rise up and let our elected officials know in terms that even a Democrat can understand that this treasonous lawlessness will not be tolerated. Those responsible for what has been done must be held publicly accountable and punished accordingly. The perpetrators, starting with the Fraud-in-the-White House, must be removed from office. Funding for all of the unconstitutional and illegal actions taken by these criminals and traitors must also be cut off, immediately. Those in Congress, whether Republican or Democrat who refuse to do this, or even hesitate to, need to be noted, named, and publicly denounced.

In the meantime, forget the presidential race. There are millions of Americans who are qualified to execute the duties of the office, and while all of the current candidates have multiple shortcomings, all of them are better than Obama-Soetoro. And as stated above, with a strong, honest, honorable Congress, who is president just ain’t that important.

I strongly urge everyone to get involved with your local Tea Party or similar, non-establishment organization. Also, get on the email list for Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund. Support conservatives wherever and whenever you can, in whatever way you can. It’s not too late…yet.


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