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WEDNESDAY - October 6, 2010

Greetings from the West Texas Chapter Of Gun Ownin' Pickup Truck Drivin' Jingoistic Right Wing History Changin' Huge Carbon Footprint Leavin' Conspirators.


For at least the past 20 years I have been saying that there was no way on earth that the NFL or the NCAA could find someone who could butcher our National Anthem any worse than they already had. Well, last Sunday evening I was proven WR - - -; MIST - - - -; UNINFO - - - -; IN ERR - -; A BIT CONFUSED on that subject. In the Sunday night NFL game on NBC they found a female who absolutely yelled (I cannot use the term sing as that might indicate that an actual tune was detected) our National Anthem and it was the absolute worst performance of this great song I have ever heard. Yes, she could carry a melody better than Rosanne Barr and of course she was introduced as a singing star so she should have sounded better than Roseanne Barr. For that matter a group of drunken monkeys screaming sound better than Roseanne Barr. But what made this last Sunday's performance so horrible was the fact that this dizzy broad actually thought she had done a great job on the Anthem.

BUT what was even more upsetting to me was the fact that a whole stadium full of NFL fans actually cheered this heifer. It is a sad day when our National Anthem is so disrespected by so many. The National Football League should be ashamed of themselves for sponsoring some so called entertainer to disrespect the Star Spangled Banner.

And the NCAA doesn't do all that much better but it seems as if the NFL makes a concerted effort to find people who have absolutely no idea how this solemn piece of music should be sung.


This past week there were a number of news stories dealing with a woman and her husband who were at Falcon Reservoir along the Texas/Mexico border. The report said that the lady and her husband were riding their jet-skis and were in Mexican waters. The initial report made by the lady was that they were attacked by a number of men in a boat who had firearms and shot her husband and also began shooting at her. The lady took off and ran from them on her jet-ski and they chased her still shooting at her. She made it to the U.S. side and reported the incident.

Of course the U.S. authorities contacted the Mexican authorities to make a report and get the help of the Mexican government to try and recover the husband's body. Now I know that this will probably come as a surprise to many of you, particularly those who reside in the Freedom Loving Worker's Province of San Francisco, but the Mexican government said they could find no evidence that this occurred. The Mexican authorities said that they had gone to the area where the incident was alleged to have happened and could not find any evidence.

OK, now let's look at this for a moment. The incident occurred in the middle of a huge lake which is fairly deep. One must wonder if the Mexican authorities expected to find ripples where the body went down a couple of days after it happened. Perhaps they asked for fish witnesses and none responded. Or perhaps the Mexican government doesn't give a damn about what happened to the husband.

AH! But don't worry, I heard Bill O'Reilly say that there would be a "FACTOR INVESTIGATION" into the matter and would hold the Mexican government's feet to the fire. Wow! I'll bet Felipe Calderon soiled his drawers when he heard that there was going to be a FACTOR INVESTIGATION. For some reason I feel that the Calderon government has a few more important things to worry about than a FACTOR INVESTIGATION. Actually what this really shows is just what an arrogant turd Bill O'Reilly had turned into.

Also, as I was finishing this portion of the letter I heard on FOX News that there was a witness who saw a woman on a jet-ski being chased by men in a boat and the men were shooting at the jet-ski.

I surely don't know if the incident happened just as the lady reported but she sure did seem upset when she made her 911 call.

Keep in mind, Bill O'Reilly is the same guy who says that Charles Rangel, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are all "Stand Up Guys" for appearing on his show. Rangel, Sharpton, and Jackson are all three interchangeable in the area of being completely untrustworthy and dishonest. But "Stand Up Guys" they are NOT.


I am sure that most of you have heard that earlier this year the student body at the University of Mississippi voted to drop the "Rebels" as their team logo and mascot. Ever since I was a small boy I can remember the Ole' Miss Rebels being a top notch football program and almost every year they were in the race for the championship of the Southeast Conference.

Today, the Ole' Miss students are voting to replace the "Rebel" mascot with one of the following, get ready now:

The Ole' Miss Black Bears - with their logo being a cartoon grinning bear wearing a sweater with a large M on the front holding up a Mississippi pennant.

The Ole' Miss Land Sharks - with the logo a cartoon shark wearing the same stuff worn by the cartoon bear.

The Ole' Miss Hoddy Toddy - I'm not sure of the spelling but it is a cartoon guy dressed like the cartoon bear and the cartoon shark holding up the same banner.

Of course the whole reason for this was due to nothing more than political correctness. You see, if you don't ever admit that there was a Confederate States of America then the Civil War just didn't happen and there was no Confederate flag and of course the State of Mississippi was never a member of the Confederate States of America.

Funny, but isn't the "Runnin' Rebels" the name of the UNLV basketball team? Perhaps when the politically correct students absolve the State of Mississippi of any involvement in the Confederacy then perhaps they can go to work and make believe that the State of Nevada doesn't exist.

What a complete load o' crap.

Also, this matter is one of the reasons Shepard Smith landed on the Varmint List. Shep is a graduate of Ole' Miss and he thought it was about time that this matter was addressed. What a weenie.


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"In Britain, where the Alternatives to Incarceration vogue has led to only 7 percent of convicted criminals being put behind bars, the annual cost of the prison system has been estimated at just under two billion pounds sterling. Meanwhile, the annual cost of crimes against the public has been estimated at sixty billion pounds sterling."........................ THOMAS SOWELL

"These are all important costs. But it is unnecessary to take them into account, when just the money costs of turning criminals loose is enough to show what reckless nonsense is being preached to us by arrogant elites in the media, academia and elsewhere."...... THOMAS SOWELL

"In a sense, politicians don't know what they are talking about. But, in another sense, they know exactly what they are talking about. They may not have a clue about the issue they are discussing and yet be experts on how to get you to think they do know."......THOMAS SOWELL



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Earlier this week I overheard some people talking in a restaurant talking about the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and the subject turned to civilian casualties. It didn't take very long for me to form the opinion that the folks discussing this matter were progressives/liberals. They all agreed that there was absolutely no excuse for innocent civilians to be injured or killed in a war zone. Now even though I had to struggle to overcome an overpowering urge to slap the crap out of these mutts, I did not get involved in the conversation.

But what they were saying got me to thinking back into our history of warfare. From everything I have read about the wars in which our country was involved, victory did not occur necessarily due to our side killing more military personnel on the enemy side. But in every war, victory was achieved only when the civilian population underwent some bad times and it was they who demanded that their side capitulate. And that includes our own Civil War. NO, I am not advocating the random killing of civilians. I hate to see true innocent civilians hurt or killed due to combat and I do believe that reasonable measures should be taken to insure their safety BUT the safety of our troops is infinitely more important to me than the destruction of some Mosque.

People who have never been in a combat situation where your own life is in danger have no concept what goes through your mind or what your feelings are at the time.

A case in point is a story in which an individual was shot with a TASER and got a couple of jolts which caused his death, even though the TASER is supposed to be a less than lethal weapon. After the incident I watched a Police Administrator say that there would be some changes in the rules regarding use of the TASER. He said that the TASER would ONLY be used if the LIFE of the Officer was in jeopardy. Let me share this thought with all of you. If I believe my life or some innocent person's life is in danger, we have blown past TASER time and are right in the middle of DEADLY FORCE time.

I can remember a night when Ron Campbell and I arrested a man for burglary. When we arrested him he was in the process of lifting a Suzuki motorcycle out of the bed of a pickup truck and CARRYING not pushing, CARRYING the motorcycle to the back door of the house. This monster had two pistols put in his face and hammers cocked back. Of course this guy was about 6'4" tall and weighed like 280 pounds and had about a 34" waist and was built like a professional football player. He also had a brain roughly the size of an un-soaked pinto bean.

I can remember being asked by his attorney if I thought I would have been justified in using deadly force against an unarmed person. I immediately told this lawyer that he was not unarmed, he was armed with a Suzuki motorcycle and that had he dropped the motorcycle and went for us I would have used deadly force. I believe I put it a bit more colorfully. There is no way that Ron Campbell and I together could handle this monster had he decided to get violent.

Later on, this man was transferred to California where he was wanted in a double murder. He kidnapped a woman and baby from a parking lot and took them out to a wooded area and raped and killed the woman and to insure that this small child wouldn't later identify him, he dashed the baby's head on a rock. He tried to attack the judge during the middle of the trial and watched the remainder of his trial in chains on closed circuit TV. He was convicted and given the death penalty and while awaiting execution the People's Republic Of California had their death penalty declared Unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court.
Last week end I went to Hobbs, New Mexico to visit friends and attend a retirement party for a lady who was retiring from the District Attorney's Office. I got to spend an afternoon with a really special friend. We watched the OU/Texas game. I was not completely happy with the outcome of the game but I really didn't care. The time spent with my friend was what was really important.

Later that evening I got to visit with several more really good friends. Old friends really are important to me as I get older. We should all spend more time in touch with those friends.
This morning I attended a monthly breakfast which is attended by retired law enforcement officers and also some that aren't retired yet. There are really some fine old gentlemen whom I have met at this gathering. Many are in their eighties and of course some are a good bit younger. But I always hear some good stories and really enjoy their sense of humor.
That's all folks.

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