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How Obama learned to manufacture the ‘truth’

It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true...You are what the media define you to be.

How Obama learned to manufacture the ‘truth’

Judi McLeod  Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Obama administration’s blueprint for control of the United States of America comes directly from the world’s richest and best marketed environmental organization: Greenpeace.

The secret to Greenpeace success: “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true…You are what the media define you to be.” (Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Watson).

There is no stopping Greenpeace, which is kept afloat by millions of dollars in public contributions from gullible people who bought the version of Greenpeace as Peter Pans of the ocean out there saving the whales.  There is no stopping Obama, whose lies are carried as truth by a massive mainstream media. (Canada Free Press, 2001)

Interesting to note that “the cynical description of the organization Greenpeace comes not from some right-winger annoyed at the excess of the environmentalist movement but from Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and now the director of a rival ecology group, the Sea Shepherd Society.” (Forbes, 1991).

Even after Greenpeacers like Patrick Watson and Patrick Moore told an adulating public the harsh and cynical truth about Greenpeace, it is still one of the richest environmental organizations in the world.

But not even market meisters Greenpeace, who got rich on claiming to ‘Save the Environment’  better mastered the secret success behind mass control than Marxist USA President Barack Obama. 

Think about it: “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true…”

In the White Noise polluting American voters; the successful smear campaigns that leveled Sarah Palin, Herman Cain; the one now working against Rick Santorum; the infighting among Republican presidential candidates; Democrats like Maxine Waters, who calls John Boehner and Eric Cantor “demons” and Democratic National Committee (DNC chair) Debbie Wasserman Schultz gaining traction; the talking heads on CNN and Fox News; the propaganda masquerading as truth on the Internet, who can pick out what is waiting around the next bend in the road?

Even with the truth about Greenpeace out there, the organization became the richest environmental organization in history and in the current day lends its support to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. 

Even with the truth out there about Obama, he stands to be reelected.

Hardly anyone in any kind of media crashes through the White Noise to show people the way to truth and reality.

Radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh crashed through the White Noise yesterday in answering the question of caller Joe, in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

...”You know nothing is ever (Obama’s) fault, said Joe, “but what I called about initially was that he has been creating debt that will make us subject to economic blackmail.  And now he’s going into nuclear disarmament that will make us subject to nuclear blackmail.  We’re surrounded by enemies external and internal, and I always thought that the Constitution said his primary job is to defend this nation.  He’s not doing that.  At what point does this become treasonous?”

“I don’t think that would come under the rubric of “treason”, Limbaugh replied.  “But the answer to your question is (even if it were): “Until somebody charges him with it.”  I will say this again.  Recess appointments when there’s no recess?  If the Senate is not gonna stand up for itself, he’s going to keep doing it.  If nobody from whom he is usurping power in the legislative branch is gonna stand up and stop it, he’s gonna keep doing it.  If nobody objects, in other words, in a way that has a force of law behind it, he’s gonna keep doing it.  I’ll give you the example again.  We’ve got laws on the books that say you cannot kill somebody.  It’s called murder.  But people still do it.

“Now, in that case we do try to find the killers.  But imagine if we didn’t.  All we would have is a law that says, “You’re not allowed to kill somebody in cold blood.  You’re not allowed to kill somebody, period.”  But if we don’t enforce it, what good is it? So Obama can do all of this until somebody stops him.  Now, I know what you mean.  When you ask me, “How can he do this?” you are making the mistake of assuming that we have somebody here with a moral code that would provide a loyalty and fealty to the Constitution.  But we don’t have that in this president.  We have a president for whom, to whom the Constitution is an impediment.

“The Constitution is a roadblock.  The Constitution is a problem.  The Constitution, for Obama and his boys, is a worthless document.  They refer to it as “negative liberties”.  And by that they mean that the Constitution only tells government what it can’t do (i.e., negative liberties).  They resent the fact that the Constitution doesn’t spell out what they can do, and so they want to rewrite the Constitution.  FDR with his new Bill of Rights; Obama supports them.  Obama wants one of two things.  He wants to be able to ignore the Constitution with impunity, which’s he’s being able to do.  He’s doing it.  Nobody’s stopping him.  Ideally he would like a constitution that he writes that empowers government over everything and everyone­and until he gets that, he’s going to act as though that’s what it says.

“So how can he bring our warhead arsenal down to 300?  Easy!  He’s gonna order it done.  How can he make a recess appointment when there is no recess?  Easy!  Just make the appointment.  And if all the Republican leadership is gonna do is stand up and say they “deplore” it, he’ll laugh all the way to the appointment.”

Limbaugh went crashing through the wall of White Noise again when he talked about what Obama is banking on to get reelected:

“Obama is campaigning on the notion that there are more takers than there are producers, that there are more people dependent on government than there are not, and that they will vote for whoever they think is going to keep the gravy train flowing.  It doesn’t matter, any other issue.  It doesn’t matter a whit what’s happening in any other realm of American life, American politics.

“And that’s what they’re banking on.  The regime, the Democrats are clearly now thinking that we’ve reached a point where all they have to do is wage a campaign aimed at the takers, the dependents, in this country­that they vastly outnumber us, the producers­and they win.” 

While average citizens go about their everyday lives, the Obama Regime is manufacturing the truth, as if the truth could be manufactured like electric cars or widgets.

With the exception of Michelle Obama, who seems to scowl rather than smile, now we know what’s behind the smarmy grins of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Valerie Jarrett.

They know for certain that “it doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true…”


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