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So Obama's presidential tone has degenerated even further- asking folks to get “revenge” by voting. Well, guess what, Barry! We might just do that. Despite Mitt's civilized plea to vote for “love of country,” there are millions of us who will vote Tuesday to voice our growing anger toward what you've been doing to America these last four years.


And as if we needed icing on yer poison cake (which we didn't), along came all yer lies about Benghazi- and the Hurricane Sandy photo ops...


It amazes me that any American with half a wit could consider voting for this clown. From his gold Muslim ring to the earpiece he wore during the debates, Obama is a walking talking joke- except that we all stopped laughing somewhere around the white pillars of 2008.


Yup, narcissism on steroids! Barry watched our heroes die in Benghazi, because he thought his reelection campaign was infinitely more important than American lives. Is it any surprise that the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard are all wondering if there's anyone left in traitorous Washington willing to stand up for America?


My recommendation? Try Obama for treason, and if he's found guilty, “hang him high.”


Lie after lie about Benghazi goes unchallenged by the lamestream media. Voting machines are being rigged in Ohio. The Jimmy Carter odd-even gas lines have returned to the northeast, and millions are still without electric power- not to mention all those poor folks with nowhere to live and nothing eat. And you thought GWB's Katrina was bad? We got BHO this time! I'd vote for revenge right now- except I've already voted by absentee ballot!


From all the disgusting Obamanite campaign ads to the raw sewage spewing forth from Obama's mouth, I just can't take it anymore. Tuesday can't come soon enough!


And I'm with Dick Morris. My prediction is a Romney-Ryan landslide! How sweet it will be- especially if we win both Pennsylvania and Ohio!


Revenge,” Barry? Seriously? And we thought Joe Biden was the gift that keeps on giving! Ya can't make this stuff up, folks! Barry without a teleprompter is like a dog without a leash crapping on the sidewalk!


Yup, just two more days- Sunday and Monday! Glory, glory, hallelujah!


On a personal note, our home in Ocean City took on about two feet of water, but we were most fortunate. Our son Trevor was alone in the house and safely rode out the storm. Moreover, damage to the place was minimal compared to the utter devastation elsewhere...


Finally tonight, the horrendous Obamanite curse on middleclass America is about to vaporize. Praise God Almighty! “Free at last, free at last, free at last!” Yeah, Obama's lame-duck legacy will be a bit unpleasant, but Romney and Ryan will undo it! ObamaCare and all the other trappings (rat droppings?) from the Obama years will soon be a distant memory- all except the crushing federal debt that this Kenyan impostor left behind. Just imagine, folks! A President Romney who will actually tell us the truth and never apologize for America!


Happy days are here again!”


Richard Allan Jenni

Ocean City, New Jersey
Rattlesnake Ridge, Hobble Creek, Utah
Real Conservatives


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Comment by LANYON on November 4, 2012 at 10:24am

Brother:  I just hope that Barone and Morris are correct in their prognostication....   we need this victory more than anything else in this world of politics. Romney will have his work cut out, what with Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanne-Oxley, plus all the EOs, etc.  I just watched "The Nuremberg Trials" on TMC, and this is what we need after Obama is thrown out of the White House....  prosecute all 80+ Communists in Congress (Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, etc.) and al the Czars, now that they have been exposed as Radicals trying to destroy America through over-regulations and fiscal irresponsibility. But, don't forget to save a special street lightpole  for Pelosi, Reed, Schummer, Boxer, and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). I suppose that "no mercy for the wicked" applies to all these treasonous individuals. And, what did the CiC tell the military high command to muzzle them on Benghazi? No wonder we haven't heard anything from the Joint Chiefs... Dempsey should be given a Court Martial.   Please keep your fingers crossed and your hopes up. No hurricanes in Utah?

Comment by Freedom Is Not Free on November 4, 2012 at 10:14am

Well said my dear friend, once again I agree with you 1000% we do need more than one rope, and if not rope we need a group of patriots to have practice shooting... I will love to be expose and view live in the entire world, so our enemy's will know how we treat traitors, criminals and impostors, maybe that way will think twice before trying again in the USA.

  Long time don't see you my dear friend, I miss you much.  God be with you and those you love, happy to know that all of you are doing ok.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on November 4, 2012 at 10:02am

Thanks for buoying my sodden spirit Allan. I'm mentally exhausted as I'm sure all of YOU are too.

I hadn't connected your location to Hurricane Sandy until you mentioned it.

Your son Trevor may be one of the few (men) capable of holding back the ocean's tide. 2 ft. is much less than others where the entire house was floated away.






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