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Former Rep. Allen West Refused to Help Advance Obama Forgery Case


by Carl Gallups

Former Rep. Allen West was approached at CPAC by Lt. Michael Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups with the evidence of the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate but refused to become involved because of “future political aspirations.” West had been leading early in the election returns of November 6, 2012 until his opponent, Patrick Murphy, suddenly received a boost of several thousand votes. West obtained a partial recount but did not gain enough votes to surpass Murphy. A federal lawsuit over the St. Lucie Board of Elections’ refusal to allow the inspection of ballots in the race was filed by earlier this year.

(Mar. 26, 2013) — [Editor's Note:  The following response was received from Pastor Carl Gallups in regard to The Post & Email's question about whether or not former Rep. Allen West was the "darling of the conservatives" to whom Gallups had referred in his report from CPAC on March 15, 2013.]

Yes – Sharon.  Lt. Mike Zullo and I spoke to Col. West  the first on the evening before CPAC. We were at dinner and West came right by our table. He had a small group with him. He was talking to someone at the table next to us. After he finished, we introduced ourselves. He said he knew of the Arpaio investigation and Lt. Zullo and would be glad to meet with us for a few moments to discuss the evidence we had. His secretary, who was with him, gave us an email and told us to remind her and she would set an appointment time. We sent the email. The appointment was never made.

By the next evening we had still not heard back from him. That night, I approached him at a CPAC VIP dinner. He was preparing to be seated just a few tables from us. I politely reminded him of his promise to us but told him that we had not heard from him yet. He told me that we should “stop by his display table tomorrow.” I felt then that he had no intention of meeting us privately.

The next day, Lt. Zullo was able to find him in the crowd. He asked West for five minutes of his time. West gave it to him. Lt. Zullo told him of the 100% solid evidence he had of a forged and fabricated document and the legal ramifications of it. The bottom line of that conversation was that West told Zullo (after hearing and acknowledging the evidence of the case) that he couldn’t get involved in that because he might have future political aspirations – he couldn’t afford to be associated with that. Lt. Zullo assured him this was NOT a birther issue – this was a proven criminal forgery and fabrication of identifying document issue. He assured West that he would be backed up by a full and professional criminal investigation. Lt. Zullo asked West if he could at least help us to open other doors with other VIPS.  West reaffirmed that he had no interest in helping us.

I still hold out hope that Col. West might jump on board if this thing goes public in the near future. We have the promises of other VIPS that they will help us to bring it public in the near future. I know how politics work. We may wind up with many on board with us – or we might wind up with every one of them backing out on us.

I’ve never seen anything like it, Sharon. I have never heard of congressmen, courts, or federal law enforcement officials completely ignoring, refusing to investigate, or even look at the evidence that another law enforcement agency has investigated concerning possible criminal activity coming directly out of the White House. Remember Watergate? Remember Monica? This situation and the possible implications and ramifications of it  pale in comparison to Watergate and Monica. This situation goes directly to the Constitution and the real identity of the Commander in Chief  – yet few who are responsible for examining the evidence will even do so…for fear of future political aspirations.

I will say it again, Sharon – all I want is the truth. That is all I have ever asked for since day one of my involvement in this matter some five years ago.  All I want is for our Constitution and our Republic to be preserved. I do not want us to operate like a banana republic. When a duly sworn law enforcement agency spends 15 months on a case with the aide of 6-8 criminal investigators, digital document experts, and an expert document examiner who is certified to testify in federal courts signs off on the investigation – and no one will even look at it – something bad is wrong. Can you imagine if something like this had been gathered on Pres. Bush?

At any rate – if we were to discover that everything about Obama’s documents had  perfect legal explanations and nothing was fabricated, I would walk away from this tomorrow and announce to the world the truth of the matter. In the meantime – I am not going away and this investigation isn’t going away until America knows about it somehow – so that America can hold its congress and courts and federal law enforcement accountable for the constitutional crime that was allowed to continue.


Editor’s Note:  Pastor Carl Gallups is an author, radio show host, and co-producer of the PPSimmons YouTube channel.  His bestselling book, The Magic Man in the Sky, published by WND Books, has had acclaim from Jeffrey Kuhner of The Washington Times and author Joe Kovacs.

On Tuesday Gallups also posted a synopsis of his and Zullo’s encounter with West at CPAC at the PPSimmons website.

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