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"Dear Millennials", A letter from David Crowder

I received this in an email and thought to share is ALL true and today's spoiled, soft, "GET OUT of MY SAFE SPACE youngsters need to wake up!

One of my granddaughters said she thought she would vote for Bernie....her explaination is pretty much summed up by the following letter. I gave her an illustration of how Socialism works......."You are a college student, you study HARD and work at getting good grades....congratulations! You have a 4.+ GPA. Your roommate, SUZIE NEVER does homework, never studies and goes out partying nightly.....Suzie is failing, the Dean of your school sends you the following letter; "Dear______, It has come to our attention that you are succeeding academically with an A+ GPA. We are ALSO aware that 'Suzie', your roommate, is failing miserably. This is to inform you that we have decided to take points from you to give to Suzie......henceforth, you will BOTH enjoy a C- average." Sincerely................

Three words burst from her beautiful mouth......"THAT'S NOT FAIR"!!!!!! I simply told her that that is an explanation of Socialism in terms meaningful to her......

Happy Spring, All.

Dear young adults in figurative diapers,

Being an adult can be a major drag. We have to get jobs. Pay bills. Pay taxes. Make our own appointments. Go to bed early so we can get up early and shuffle on to work the next morning so we can pay for all the stuff we need to continue working. Also the refrigerator doesn’t magically fill itself. Someone should tell Whirlpool about that. Have you noticed that in order for food to be prepared… you have to prepare it? Ridiculous. I’m calling my mom.

Adulthood isn’t what we thought it would be. 

My fellow millennials, for sure we have our challenges. Many of you were raised in broken homes. Many of you were exposed to divorce. It’s possible a lot of you didn’t live with your father or may not have known him at all. Combine home life with the rise of political correctness in school, taking its dangerous form of “self-esteem above all,” and no wonder you think life is unfair but you should have it all.

Look, I’m sorry life screwed you over in the early years. I’m sorry if you were shuffled to daycare day in and day out. I’m sorry if you don’t have memories of playing with your parents. But most of all, I’m sorry you were not instilled with the grand idea of personal responsibility. I’m sorry you were not empowered with the notion that YOU are the commander of your own life. If you take nothing else from this post, believe that no matter who you are, you can succeed. Without government.

Because guess what, my friends? You’re abject loyalty to socialism is going to tank our country. Your insistence on getting what you want and making other people pay for it, all under the guise of “fairness,” will lead to ruin. For everyone. Including you.

You were likely taught in school of the virtues of socialism. How a government looking after its people via taking over businesses would promote equality. To each according to his need. Sharing, you were told, is caring. Awww! It’s a better world where everyone has the same things. It’s a better world when we’re all equal! No one is rich, no one is poor. Utopia.

Well, the education system kind of screwed fooled you. They told some white lies here and there. Why shouldn’t they? A public school is just a state school. A government school. Why wouldn’t those schools promote the same system which would ensure they continue on regardless of the outcome?

The truth about socialism is much different. See, socialism removes human ambition from the equation. Actually it does more than that. Socialism punishes human ambition. Those who strive to be their best, to do their best, only highlight the masses of humans who do not strive. Who fail. And that’s just. Not. Fair. It’s not fair for a few people to succeed while others don’t.

Viola, socialism. The idea that people who suck at life get to take from people who don’t suck at life, because it’s not fair that a few people who are either brilliant, hard-working, both brilliant and hardworking, should succeed more than people who are not brilliant or hard-working. BOO! Socialism promotes human mediocrity.

Question for you: Who are these angels in government who are going to make things fair? After you’ve answered that question, answer me this: why do you put more trust in these elected strangers, who address you while reading from a teleprompter, with YOUR LIFE than you trust your own self? Why do you put so much faith in Bernie Sanders’s plan to save you than you trust yourself to save you?

America was founded on the idea that human beings should be free to live their own lives. To be masters of their own destiny. That, by the way, is the definition of American Exceptionalism. People, not government, should be in charge of their own lives. They should be free. Free to succeed. Free to fail.

Which is why the blind embrace of socialism would systematically unwind what America is. Why? Because a lot of you just plain suck. Sorry for the tough love, but come on.
Interestingly, and I’m not using that word sarcastically, when you socialist millennials decide to pull on your big boy and big girl pants, go out into the world and fight for yourself, you leave socialism behind. After learning you can take care of yourself, it just requires a crap ton of work and less whining, your imaginary friend socialism loses its appeal.

From The Washington Post:
The expanded social welfare state Sanders thinks the United States should adopt requires everyday people to pay considerably more in taxes. Yet millennials become averse to social welfare spending if they foot the bill. As they reach the threshold of earning $40,000 to $60,000 a year, the majority of millennials come to oppose income redistribution, including raising taxes to increase financial assistance to the poor.

Lemme translate that for you: you’re totally cool with socialism… until you’re the one paying for it.

Welcome to the real world, kids. Where those of us who work don’t want to pay for those people who don’t. You know why? You had this one right earlier on. There is absolutely nothing fair about someone who works paying for someone who doesn’t. There is nothing fair about the government (made up of elected people) deciding who succeeds and who does not.

America. It gives you the freedom to be great. It gives you the opportunity to strive. What you need isn’t for the government to “make things fair.” What you need is for the government to get the hell out of your way, so you can be the best version of you.

Now, doesn’t that sound better than sameness?

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