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With respect to the Hawaii and Maryland judges' blatantly unconstitutional "rulings" against Trump's immigration EO, has anyone noticed how nimbly every single talking head and politician--BOTH left and right--have studiously avoided talking about the constitutional remedy for judicial overreach? Is it Ignorance, political Cowardice or a pervasive and irreparable Disdain for what has become an irrelevant U.S. Constitution? In truth, folks, it is all three. Our constitutional republic is and has been for a very long time now but an illusion. That reality should frighten every American.
Again, the remedy (Articles I and III) is twofold: 1) impeach the offending judges (not merely allow the 9th court to metastasize into three more toxic courts), and 2) the president should, in accordance with his oath of office, summarily ignore/nullify those judicial rulings.
Nothing less than these Constitutional remedies should be acceptable. Ignoring the Constitution and hiding under our desks are not remedies. They are spineless dodges. Someone among our honorable, principled leadership and thoughtful throng of talking heads is duty-bound to actually explain and promote these constitutional remedies. Until then, crickets and judicial tyranny.

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Comment by Jim Delaney on April 5, 2017 at 10:37am

Looking forward to your verbal lashing, Philip. Cheers!

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 5, 2017 at 12:40am

Hi Jim,

 I haven't read a book since the first year the Obama administration began dismantling the rule of law.

Since then I've been reading political charts, polls, tax records of the richest politicians, etc. and blogging.

 I'll pick up a copy from Amazon and buy the Texas governor's book, "Broken But Unbowed". It's a book of his life and his position on an Article V Convention.

I give both you and the governor of Texas a piece of my mind after reading your books.

Comment by Jim Delaney on April 5, 2017 at 12:04am

Don't think federal funding of an Art V convention would make much sense. The States can handle that nicely. 

As for who would come to a Convention better prepared, the monolithic neo-Marxist Progressive left and their cheerleaders, useful idiots and lobbyists would, hands down. They are the kiss of death for a constructive Convention. And that should give us all pause. They are hellbent to destroy the Constitution, and that's been blatantly obvious for well over 100 years.

I know that the Texas Nationalist Movement hasn't slackened its important efforts to secede. Trump's election has had little effect on TNM support. Surprisingly, their supporters are still very much committed. Of course, TNM is very much down on Art V. To TNM--and many others like me--Art V Convention is the deathknell of what little remains of this republic. Like me, they are also supportive of Calexit. (Like excising a cancer.) Interesting how secession is only for the brain-damaged Right until a Progressive State starts talking about secession too. 

My honest opinion is that while Mr. Trump will buy us some time, the union is now fatally flawed and destined for disintegration. History is replete with examples of powerhouse nations disintegrating into separate sovereignties, the USSR being the most recent and notable example. So, why should the USofA expect to defy historical trends.

By the way, Philip, did you ever get a chance to read my book, "A Patriot's Call to Action". Amazon. Would sincerely appreciate your critique. 

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 4, 2017 at 6:34pm


The same democrat machine enemy exists in progressing toward an Article V Convention as it would it in a catfight Constitutional Crisis.

"As for Trump's exercising his constitutional authority, don't you think it's a constructive constitutional "crisis" worth having? "

I don't know who would come better prepared, the democrat machine or the "rest of us".

If rules were drawn you KNOW what the democrat machine would do to them. PLUS the Obama deep state would still be operational.

 The development of an Article V Convention in the state of Texas has been ongoing for a couple years. So far there are a couple hundred thousand adherents getting organized. The numbers have slowed since President Trump won the election and the organizers are including raising funds in their latest communications.

 The organization seems real and intelligent. That is where the development is at the moment. There isn't much interstate organization that I see so far. How many more years of discussion will be needed before a convention actually happens is anybody's guess.

 I wonder what would happen if President Trump took sides against congress and funded part of an Article V Convention?

Comment by Jim Delaney on April 4, 2017 at 2:03pm


The real question is when is the last time Congress has impeached a faithless judge at all. There was one, currently a Congressman (Hastings, I think), I can recall. IN the early 1800;s as well. Names escape me. Congresspersons won't honor their oath of office. That's the problem. 

Totally agree to amend  Constitution (which is an acceptable remedy) to 1) limit terms (an oversight by founders), 2) reining in judiciary by permitting States direct involvement in removal of faithless judges and nullifying unconstitutional acts by a 60% vote of State legislatures, 3) repealing 17th Amendment, etc. BUT, each amendment must be a separate action initiated by Congress or the States. The Founders didn't counsel a broad attempt to amend the Constitution on many fronts since they wisely recalled how States dispatched reps to Annapolis to revise the Articles of Confederation and ended up canning it. A dangerous possibility when it comes to our Constitution. Also, the level of statesmanship out there and the plague of lobbyists infecting State and Federal gov't today is much more alarming and does not bode well. So, if States tackle one amendment at time, and fully discuss language of each amendment with their respective citizens before passage, my level of fear is lessened. 

As for Trump's exercising his constitutional authority, don't you think it's a constructive constitutional "crisis" worth having? 

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on April 4, 2017 at 8:23am



@ Jim Delaney  &  PHILIP SCHNEIDER

The quickest, and most effective, way

to emasculate corrupt politicians


...all other "solutions" are extraneous.

Your comments? :





Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 4, 2017 at 1:18am

Yeah, impeachment . . . .

When's the last time a Republican congress successfully impeached a liberal anything including a judge?

And to hold President Trump responsible for "violating" a sitting judges order, make that SEVERAL federal judges orders, would be like the death knell for the rest of his first and only term of office.

 Which brings us to the use of the Article V convention.

It too was written into the original Constitution of th United States of America.

"Term limits", which I am convinced, is the only REAL way to give control of our nation back to We the People,

can only be achieved through an Article V convention.  Congress will NOT change their unlimited number of terms in office, it has to be done by an Article V convention.

Recently the question of removing federal judges has called attention to some of their definite political decisions as opposed to a National interest of the law. Limiting federal judges to 20 years would seem reasonable. But again, congress won't go near it.






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