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Action Alert on education reform - email TODAY!!!!! 1 Reply

Today we need everyone across the state emailing and calling against the educational reforms that are affecting our children and their education. Wednesday 8/28 is the last day of the Florida…Continue

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Muslim Brotherhood expose

This link is the most comprehensive information, source ACT for America. Join the organization. You will  support the most effective tool against America's islamification. …Continue

Started by HELEN Feb 18, 2013.



Tags: IRS, law, legislators, local, Commandments

Started by Diane Kepus. Last reply by HELEN Feb 18, 2013.

Florida has a Sheriff Arpaio

An illegal…Continue

Started by Diane Kepus Feb 16, 2013.

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Comment by HELEN on June 24, 2012 at 9:28pm

Please help post information in your Congressional District and share this thread link with your Florida email lists.

We can do it and work together to elect the best Conservatives to Congress from our Sunshine State! Note 2 new Florida Congressional Districts and many FL US House Districts have changed! Let's do everything we can to keep our Republican seats in Congress! We have just Bill Nelson to vote out and 6 Incumbent/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist/DEMS to vote out of the US House!

Don’t forget the judges we need to vote out. 6/24/12 by seekthetruth

Comment by HELEN on June 24, 2012 at 9:28pm

Link to the new Florida Congressional District Map:

Miller, Jeff (R) - UNOPPOSED Incumbent - (Faces DEM, Jim Bryan in November)

Southerland, Steve (R) - UNOPPOSED Incumbent - (Faces DEM Primary Winner in November)

DISTRICT 3: (Republican Primary Winner faces DEM, J.R.Gaillot in November.)
Stearns, Cliff (R) - (Former District 6 Incumbent)
Jett, James - Republican Primary Challenger (no website)
Oelrich, Steve - Republican Primary Challenger
Yoho, Ted - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 4: (Republican Primary winner faces (??? No DEM running) in November)
Crenshaw, Ander (R) - Incumbent Republican
Black, Bob - Republican Primary Challenger (No website)
Pueschel, Deborah Katz - Republican Primary Challenger

Kolb, LeeAnne - Unopposed Republican - (Faces Incumbent DEM, Corrine Brown in Nov.)

DISTRICT 6: (Republican Primary Winner faces DEM Primary Winner in Nov.)
Clark, Richard (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Costello, Fred (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Desantis, Ron (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Kogut, William Billy (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Miller, Craig (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Pueschel, Alec (R) - Republican Primary Challenger (No website)
Slough, Beverly (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 7: (Incumbent (R) Primary Winner faces DEM Primary Winner in November)
Adams, Sandy -(R)- Incumbent Republican (From former District 24)
Mica, John -(R)- Incumbent Republican Dis.7

DISTRICT 8: (Incumbent Bill Posey faces Unopposed DEM, Shannon Roberts in Nov)
Posey, Bill -(R)- Unopposed Republican Incumbent from former District 15

DISTRICT 9: (Republican Primary Winner faces Unopposed DEM, Alan Grayson in Nov.)
Long, Todd (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Melendex, Julius Anthony (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Oxner, Mark (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Quinones, John “Q” (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 10: (Incumbent Daniel Webster faces Unopposed DEM, Val B. Demings in Nov)
Webster, Daniel (R) - Unopposed Republican Incumbent from former District 8

DISTRICT 11: (Incumbent Richard Nugent faces Unopposed DEM, David H. Werder in Nov.)
Nugent, Richard -(R) Unopposed Republican Incumbent from former District 5

DISTRICT 12: (Incumbent Gus Bilirakis faces Unopposed DEM, Jonathan M. Snow in Nov.)
Bilirakis, Gus M -(R)- Unopposed Republican Incumbent from former District 9

DISTRICT 13: (Republican Primary Winner faces DEM Primary Winner in November)
Young, C.W. Bill (R) Republican Incumbent from former District 10
Ayres, Darren (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Vance, Madeline (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

Comment by HELEN on June 24, 2012 at 9:24pm

DISTRICT 14: (Republican Primary Winner faces Unopposed Incumbent DEM, Betty Castor)
Adams, Jr. Eddie (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Otero, Evelio “EJ” (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 15: (Congressman Ross is Unopposed for November Election.)
Ross, Dennis -(R)- Unopposed Incumbent Republican from former District 12

DISTRICT 16: (Congressman Buchanan faces Unopposed DEM, Keith Fitzgerald in Nov)
Buchanan, Vern -(R)- Unopposed Incumbent Republican from former District 13

DISTRICT 17: (Republican Primary Winner faces Unopposed DEM, William Bronson in Nov)
Rooney, Tom -(R)- Incumbent Republican from former District 16
Arnold, Joe (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 18: (Republican Primary Winner faces DEM Primary Winner in Nov.)
West, Allen -(R)- Incumbent Republican from former District 22
Crowder, Robert (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

DISTRICT 19: (Republican Primary Winner faces Unopposed DEM, Jim Roach in Nov)
Aubuchon, Gary (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Davidow, Joe (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Donalds, Byron (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Goss, Chauncey Porter (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Kreegel, Paige (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Radel, Trey (R) - Republican Primary Challenger

District 20: (NO REPUBLICAN running to face Incumbent DEM, Alcee Hastings in Nov.)
Randall, Terry (NPA)
Dutrow, Anthony M (WRI)

DISTRICT 21: (NO REPUBLICAN running to face Incumbent DEM, Ted Deutch in Nov.)
Henao, Cesar (NPA)
Trout, W.Michael (NPA)

DISTRICT 22: (Republican Adam Hasner faces DEM Primary Winner in November)

Hasner, Adam (R) - Unopposed Republican Candidate

DISTRICT 23: (Rep. Primary Winner faces Unopposed Incumbent DEM, DebbieW.Schultz in Nov)
Bresso, Gineen (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
deFaria, Ozzie (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Garcia, Juan Eliel (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Harrington, Karen (R) - Republican Primary Challenger
Kaufman, Joseph “Joe” (R) - Republican Primary Challenger


NO REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES RUNNING Incumbent DEM, Frederica Wilson has a DEM Primary challenger, Rudolph “Rudy” Moise.

DISTRICT 25: (NO DEM candidate running in District 25)
Dia-Balart,Mario -(R)- Unopposed Incumbent Republican from former District 21

DISTRICT 26: (Republican Congressman Rivera faces DEM Primary Winner in Nov.)
Rivera, David (R) - Incumbent Republican from former District 25

DISTRICT 27: (Republican Ros-Lehtinen faces Unopposed DEM, Manny Yevancey in Nov)
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R) - Incumbent Republican from former District 18

Comment by HELEN on June 17, 2012 at 12:34pm

Our Florida politicians... 

Recently at the Fair Tax event in Volusia County, John Mica and Sandy Adams were asked, “why has congress done nothing to put a halt on Obama – defund his executive orders – congress has 30-40 days to halt his actions” and BOTH of them answered, “I am only one person, what do you expect me to do?” Well Mr. & Mrs. Congress I expect you to honor the Constitution of the United States, the oath of office you took and do the job you are being paid for. They did not respond.

DeSantis, did not know what NDAA was at a Deland912 meeting. Costello refuses to directly address Agenda 21. He implemented and approved from the time he was Mayor until today many things which have financially hurt the people of this state with this ongoing communistic plan of Agenda 21. He is the one who has pushed for all the accolades for Plakon for his writing the Energy bill of which both of them see no problem in handing out once again tax credits and grants for unproven technology for BILLIONS $$ rather than pushing for using the Natural gas we have right here. AND PLAKON WRITING THAT BILL – I GOT SOME SWAMP LAND I WILL SELL YOU IN SO. FL.

Connie Mack, receiving endorsements from all over the country for the past year has not even been doing the job he is currently being paid for and does not hesitate when asked why he has not been present for votes to say “campaigning”.

Orange County Dist – FL House Precourt voted yes on Sun Rail and his company, Precourt Solutions, LLC, has been given most of the strategic planning contracts for Sun Rail. Other FL House and Senate elected officials are making personal gains from legislation they have passed or companies they own receiving FL contracts for work to be done Fresen & Thrasher to name 2) – and we yell at congress for the very same thing. These type of actions run on both sides of the table and no one, not the party leaders, not the local executive committees, or the people who have voted for them are calling them to task - - - SO WHY SHOULD THEY STOP DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING – BEING THIEVES – MANIPULATORS – UNPRINCIPLED – LIARS –

Plakon again I will ask you - what does a man with a degree in Psychology know about writing an Energy bill? From his mouth he tells us the Republican Party of Florida said they do not need the Tea Party groups so I would be very careful who you endorse just because they are your PARTY leaders. They don’t like us, maybe we can return the favor! In fact, truth be known, both sides of the fence are throwing their dollars all out to get the people THEY want elected. Dem Party is flooding Bruno with funds!

Volusia County we know what we have had to deal with from our County Commission and School Board.

And why should they change – look at the leader of this country! This has been in the works for some time. Many of us saw the train coming down the tracks long ago, but many Americans are just waking up this morning to the idea that their country is fundamentally changed. Many more amazingly remain asleep.

Comment by Patty on May 1, 2012 at 6:50pm

District 9 Congressional Candidates Forum May 3

Central Florida voters are invited to an open, public meeting of the candidates for the new District 9 Congressional Seat, which includes part of south east Orange County, Osceola County and part of north, east Polk County.  Republican candidates Todd Long, Julius Melendez and Mark Oxner will field your questions and concerns at the Kissimmee Utility Authority building, 1701 W. Carroll St., Kissimmee, Fl. 34741 on May 3rd, 6PM.  

Republican John Quinones communicated he has a schedule conflict and will not be able to attend.  Democrat Alan Grayson declined our invitation until after the primary.    

This public service forum is hosted by Osceola County Landlords Association.

Comment by HELEN on April 18, 2012 at 8:33am


I just found out the interview will only be available after 4/23


Wayne, may want to look at this and decide to post on the main site as this issue pertains to all states.

Comment by HELEN on April 17, 2012 at 9:22pm


To vote illegally is to take maximum advantage of each and every US citizen and it's robbing We, The People  of what is considered a maximum penalty for crime prevention. Voting illegally is considered a 3rd degree felony with mandatory jail time & penalties. Sentences are usually accompanied by loss of privileges such as voting rights for a set period. Such record makes it difficult to successfully reintegrate into society as such will remain on a permanent record and one will have to explain the conviction to any potential employer. 

Andy Pierrotti*, who started an investigation of voter fraud in Florida,  interviewed Florida patriot leader Beth on 4/16 http://SarasotaPatriots.Org
*Andy Pierrotti, 1/2010: NBC2 Investigators team, AP, SPJ South Florida, Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) , John Jay Criminal Justice College, NYC fellowships, Member of IRE , Association of Health Care Journalists.

@ NBC2: uncovered millions of wasted tax dollars at federal, local & state gov., 5/2011: state agencies story purchasing expensive office furniture compelled lawmakers to change state law, focus: government accountability, consumer advocacy, emphasis tracking tax dollars, SW FL from from Buffalo, NY, born SC.

During the interview, Andy shared thousands of names of felons currently in Florida prisons who have never had their voting rights revoked and about hundred convicts from foreign countries (non-citizens) in Florida jails/prisons registered to vote. We need to purge thousands from the voter rolls in Florida alone! 

It appears the few people located in Sarasota who refused jury duty & were not citizens and yet were registered to vote,  is small compared to what's been uncovered.  At our next meeting, the names who need to be removed from voter rolls will be circulated.  Please do what you can to inform yourselves on voter fraud in Florida. It is HUGE! .

Comment by Patty on April 17, 2012 at 7:12pm

 Obama isn't our only problem:


and thanks to the Florida legislature, Florida congressional District 9 has been drawn to give him a huge advantage. This could be my representation in Congress and I need everyone's help to STOP him from getting anywhere near Washington!!!!

I have checked out Grayson’s Republican opponents and they include a successful businessman, a lawyer and two lifelong politicians.

Mark Oxner is running for US Congress and he has been a successful businessman for 28 years NOT a politician. He is not afraid to take on Grayson and already has the Huffington Post and liberal Florida papers up in arms over his ads.

Here's his first ad "Turn this ship around"

And this link has Oxner's current ad that gives a lesson about progressivism on Spanish TV (the subtitles are in English)

Please check out Mark Oxner (R) at the link above and help his campaign. He and his wife have a great story of the American Dream, and he wants to restore America for his 2 daughters.

If Grayson wins, we will NEVER get him out of congress. The only thing worse than Obama in DC is Obama and Grayson working together in DC!!!! Grayson is raising millions to reclaim a seat in a district he doesn't even live in and it will take every true patriot across the country to stop him!!!! Please get involved!

Comment by Patty on January 24, 2012 at 1:20am

Romney Campaign Run by Charlie Crist’s Political Aides

Comment by Patty on November 3, 2011 at 9:48pm

Herman Cain Iowa Fund. Help raise $999,000 by 11/9!!!!!!!

Let’s raise more than Ron Paul’s 2.5 million moneybomb. Let’s show Mitt Romney that we mean business. Let’s show the press that Herman Cain isn’t going away!!!!!!


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