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BREAKING NEWS: Coons Goons Trespass, Assault Three O'Donnell Staffers

BREAKING NEWS: Coons Goons Trespass, Assault Three O'Donnell StaffersSource: [None]URL Source:…Continue

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Started by Sandra Oct 24, 2010.

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Comment by Sandra on October 8, 2010 at 6:26pm
O'Donnell Mum on Palin for President
The Delaware Senate hopeful declines to say whether the former Alaska governor is qualified to be president.
Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on September 20, 2010 at 12:43pm
A Ragtag American Army Again Prevails Over Organized Tyranny?    

So many liars, thugs and thieves! Yes, liars, thugs and thieves!

Take Senator Harry Reid, who piously wears the garments of a soft little lamb- while in reality being a thieving wolf who’d sell his very soul to stay in office. To Hairy Harry, political power is but an expendable commodity for self-aggrandizement- a means to put food on his table and line his pockets with filthy lucre. In a foolhardy gambit to protect his puny pile of political poker chips, the Nevada gambler quickly climbed aboard the Obama Schnellzug to Hell. Oh, it all looked so good! Such a Democratic mandate from the people! Harry could go down in history as the Senate Majority Leader who presided over Zero’s fundamental change of America! Harry gleefully masqueraded as a Savior of the American people- kissing little children in public and all the while robbing their piggy banks in private! In sad reality, Harry turned out to be just another antichrist like the brash and vapid imposter from Kenya.

But don’t think the liars, thugs and thieves are all Democrats! 17 September on Fox I heard Greta Van Susteren and Newt Gingrich smugly agree that Obama was “incidentally” born in Hawaii. They both blatantly lied in such a matter-of-fact straight-faced manner that their revolting words turned my stomach. Nary a shred of legitimate empirical data has yet surfaced to support such a claim! They also damned Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin with faint praise. Make no mistake, folks. The mealy-mouthed Gingrich is only another ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing. And we all heard the esteemed pundit Karl Rove continually badmouth O’Donnell last week. Rove’s paycheck apparently comes from the Republican establishment as well. And then there’s Preserve-my-political-power-at-any-cost Murkowski who’s crushing her sour grapes into ink for her last-ditch write-in campaign!

When will it all end! So many lies- so much deception! Can’t really say when it will end, but I can tell you when it all started in earnest- 22 November 1963, when Lyndon Baines Johnson boldly usurped the US Presidency. And now we have another usurper! Zero’s amazing non-stick qualities make the Gipper’s Teflon look like gooey fly paper! Both Lyin’ Lyndon and Bald-faced Barack have arguably pulled off the two biggest con jobs in American history.     

Now a few words about Sarah Palin, who has been meandering through a lethal political minefield ever since the duplicitous rhinoceros from Arizona called her as a running mate. I do believe Governor Palin is the real thing- and now note that she has somewhat distanced herself from Fox News. Unlike Gingrich and Huckabee, who both salivate like Pavlov’s dogs whenever a Fox bell calls either of them to pontificate from its mainstream media pulpit, Sarah has stood firm with the Taxed-Enough-Already. I remain fond of both Mitt Romney and Alan Keyes, but if there is one standout among 2012 hopefuls who’s bet the entire farm on our behalf, that would be Alaska’s Sizzlin’ Sarah.

We must win big on 2 November, and I mean BIG- as in Bald-faced Barry’s lies. Otherwise, we’ll win both the House and Senate only to be waylaid by a few more Republican I-am-now-a-Democrat deserters like the opportunistic and now-defunct Arlen Specter. I refer, for example, to Maine’s Olympia Snow

Victory is spelled R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N this year, notwithstanding my utter distaste for the GOP establishment. Though in the long run, Taxed-Enough-Already momentum will surely overtake Republican corruption, we must presently harvest our wheat along with the tares- and hope for the best.

Moreover, critical to a decisive Republican victory, and which also happens to coincide with our Taxed-Enough-Already agenda, is the necessity of ensuring Christine O’Donnell’s success in Delaware. I have no doubt that if elected, Senator O’Donnell will stand firmly against Obama’s treason at every turn.

And as Lisa Murkowski attempts to split the vote three ways in Alaska, the importance of supporting Joseph Miller cannot be overstated.

Finally, we must keep our Taxed-Enough-Already enthusiasm at a rolling boil right up to the moment the last polls close on 2 November. Every House and Senate seat in play must be treated like a sinking line drive along the foul line in the last of ninth- and worthy of every determined fielder’s desperate dive.

The Democrats will attempt to divide and conquer. They will lie, distract and defame- even resort to voter fraud and intimidation. Campaign cash will pour in from international donors just as it did for Obama. Nevertheless, the key to our victory will be the same relentless broad-based grassroots word-of-mouth guerilla warfare that made “Tea Party” a household name never to be forgotten.

The great strength of our Taxed-Enough-Already political movement is having no centralized organization that can be neutralized- no one critical nerve center that can be anesthetized. A feeding frenzy of hungry sharks we may be, but bring it on! Let every patriot answer the clarion call to arms in defense of liberty. It won’t be the first time a ragtag army of angry Americans prevailed over organized tyranny…
Comment by Sandra on September 18, 2010 at 8:14pm
In Delaware, GOP should target Dems, not O'Donnell Read more at the Washington Examiner:

URL Source: ... get-Dems_-not-O_Donnell-883378
Published: Sept 18, 2010
Author: Byron York

Imagine for a moment that Republicans were not consumed with the various faults of the party's newly chosen Delaware Senate candidate, Christine O'Donnell. What would GOP operatives, both in Delaware and in Washington, be doing right now? They'd be attacking the record of O'Donnell's Democratic opponent, Chris Coons. As it turns out, there's plenty to attack, if Republicans ever get around to it.

GOP officials, both local and national, have long been preparing for a run against Coons. Until very recently they thought their candidate would be Mike Castle. But in any event, they knew their opponent, and the same issues that would have been effective for Castle against Coons could be effective for O'Donnell.

Coons, 47, is the top executive of New Castle County, home to a majority of Delaware's population. From a Republican perspective, there's one really important thing to know about his time in office: In 2004, when Coons first ran for the job, he promised not to raise taxes. Since then he has raised taxes not once, not twice, but three times.

Coons inherited a surplus. Celebrating victory on election night in 2004, he said his "top priority would be to continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes," according to an account in the local News Journal. Yet in 2006, he pushed through a 5 percent increase in property taxes. In 2007, he raised property taxes 17.5 percent. In 2009, he raised them another 25 percent.

Coons wanted to raise other taxes, too. He proposed a hotel tax, a tax on paramedic services, even a tax on people who call 911 from cell phones.

Coons says the increases were necessary because New Castle County, despite its surplus, was saddled with extravagant spending obligations made by his predecessor. "Chris made really tough decisions, and after bringing folks together was able to say that we have to have some level of shared sacrifice if we want to get the county back on track," says Coons spokesman Daniel McElhatton. "He was able to restore New Castle County to fiscal responsibility."

Well, not exactly. In January 2009, Coons warned the county might be headed for bankruptcy.

A few months ago, preparing for the expected race against Castle, Coons sought to pre-empt the tax issue with a frank acknowledgement. "Chris Coons raised your taxes," he said in an interview with Politico. "Absolutely. Guilty as charged, your honor." Coons argued that he had also cut spending by historic amounts to keep the county solvent.

Now, on his campaign Web site, Coons expresses deep concern about the federal government's "runaway debt." A number of his proposals to cut the deficit involve collecting more taxes.

Add to that the likelihood that Coons will be a strong ally of the Democratic leadership in new spending proposals. He has supported all the big ones -- stimulus, bailouts, Obamacare -- and on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Coons is his favorite Senate candidate. "He's my pet," Reid told the Hill newspaper. (A chagrined McElhatton was reduced to protesting that "Chris is not anyone's pet.")

Put it all together, and could central casting have come up with a better Democrat for a Republican to run against? "We believe that Chris Coons, with his record of raising taxes, has shown throughout his career that he would rather take orders and directives from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid than do what is right for Delaware and the country," says state GOP spokesman Thomas Doheny.

Some Republicans argue that O'Donnell, given her own tax lien from 2005, can't make that argument. Maybe not. But it's just as likely she will receive some sympathy for her problems with the IRS -- she says she did nothing wrong -- and besides, Delaware voters might well care more about their own taxes than Christine O'Donnell's.

At the moment, though, top Republicans are still beside themselves over O'Donnell's primary win. On Thursday, Delaware state GOP chairman Tom Ross, an O'Donnell foe, pledged support for "our candidates" but couldn't bring himself to mention O'Donnell's name. National party officials are scrambling to back down from their initial snub of her. Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen poll shows O'Donnell 11 points behind Coons -- a significant margin, but not insurmountable.

Can party officials put aside their unhappiness and campaign hard for their elected nominee? Even in Delaware, there has probably never been a better year for a flawed candidate on the right side of the issues. Why not try to win?

Byron York, The Examiner's chief political correspondent, can be contacted at His column appears on Tuesday and Friday, and his stories and blogposts appear on
Comment by Sandra on September 17, 2010 at 7:33pm
Excellent! Post Richard!
Comment by Sandra on September 17, 2010 at 7:32pm

Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on September 17, 2010 at 6:29pm
Liberals Blown To Smithereens By Their Own Odiferous Petards?

Talk about draining Washington’s miasmic swamp! As dense clouds of dust and smoke dissipate in the early hours of 3 November, it will be readily apparent to all but the most mentally-challenged liberals that a quintessential struggle for our freedom took place in tiny Delaware. A perhaps unlikely heroine will then take center stage for her final curtain call in a topsy-turvy Senate campaign that tipped the Congressional balance of power in favor of American liberty. Senator-elect Christine O’Donnell… Has a nice ring to it, does it not?

I’m not surprised that Christine defeated an aging liberal Republican rhinoceros in the primary- nor will I be surprised when she defeats Harry Reid’s pet Democrat Chris Coons. What surprised me, however, was the astounding voter turnout of Delaware’s Taxed-Enough-Already patriots- a violent seismic event that no doubt rattled cups and saucers clear to California- where even Barbara Boxer gasped for breath as she pondered anew her political future.

And Karl Rove? He now finds himself perched on the same credibility scrapheap as the once respectable Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and the like. It seems an unwritten law of the universe that when a nation’s sewer backs up, all the double-speaking mainstream media pundits finally show their true colors. And yes, including these particular pundits in the mainstream was intentional…

By the way, I heard Dick Morris’s stock went up 40% this week- right along with Sarah Palin’s…

I don’t know a whole lot about Christine O’Donnell, but I certainly admire her amazing resilience and determination against all odds. Despite an avalanche of financial hardship and previous political defeats, she has persevered through it all- and pulled off a stunning upset over the Republican establishment. The Taxed-Enough-Already voters of Delaware seem to agree- and have turned out in record numbers to prove it.

So Christine had trouble paying her federal taxes. So she had trouble holding tight to her home. So it took her a while to graduate from college. So she had every right to simply fold her tent and give up her dream of being a US Senator. So what? Sounds like she’s part and parcel of our marvelous national angst and anger aroused by Obamanomics. And Barack’s hope and change? Sounds more like devastating despair and demolition to me…

To be fair to Captain Zero, we’ve been zooming down this destructive tax-and-spend torrent for quite some time- but the ever-increasing spillage over the dam of fiscal responsibility has suddenly become a flash flood of disastrous debt. And when torrential interest payments on that debt rise so high as to become our largest single federal expenditure, even far surpassing the enormous sum of all our discretionary spending, the time has come to face default. And the liberals dare criticize Christine O’Donnell for her brush with bankruptcy?

Let’s make no mistake, folks. Christine O’Donnell can win if the Taxed-Enough-Already across America will stand with her- and not mourn the loss of an old GOP rhino who for all practical purposes would pull an “Arlen Specter” as soon as he won a seat in the Senate.

Funny thing about placing putrid pragmatic politics before the purity of conservative principles… It always comes back to bite ya in the butt.

And guess what? Check out all the cash suddenly pouring into Christine’s campaign coffers! Ya think all that dough is comin’ from Delaware? Nope…

Sure, yesterday’s Rasmussen poll had O’Donnell trailing Coons 42% to 53%. And yes, by a nearly identical margin, 54% of voters in Delaware approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 43% disapprove. Two critical questions remain, however. How many of those brain-dead hope-and-changers will actually get out and vote on 2 November? And how many irate Taxed-Enough-Already patriots will FAIL to vote? Most likely a paucity of both!

If the historic Taxed-Enough-Already turnout in Delaware last Tuesday is any indication, current conservative voter groundswell across America will dwarf that of the lackadaisical left- just as all our mammoth but peaceful Tea Parties have made all raucous liberal gatherings to the contrary appear insignificant. However, this is no time to rest on our anticipated conservative laurels.

Finally, let me write a few words about Sarah Palin. I’ve been slow to climb into Sarah’s political corner- but after her recent performance in Delaware, I stand amazed. Palin Power represents much more than I had ever supposed. Her stature grows by leaps and bounds with each passing day. A viable Presidential candidate in 2012? Well, I for one am more likely to put my money on a tireless Soldier who continually puts her political life on the line for liberty- when so many others just grumble and sit on their fat posteriors.

And all those liberal loons from Delaware to California? They’ll soon be blown to smithereens by their own odiferous petards!
Comment by Sandra on September 14, 2010 at 11:13pm
Tea party-backed O'Donnell wins upset in Del.
Source: The Houston Chronicle
URL Source:
Published: Sep 14, 2010

WILMINGTON, Del. — Conservative activist Christine O'Donnell has earned a stunning victory in Delaware's Republican Senate primary.

O'Donnell's shocking win over longtime Congressman Mike Castle gives new energy to the tea party movement, which targeted Castle after victories by Republican tea party candidates in the Alaska and Nevada Senate primaries.

With 78 percent of precincts reporting, O'Donnell had 54 percent to 46 percent for Castle, a former two-term governor and the longest serving congressman in Delaware history.

While attracting enough GOP conservatives to defeat Castle, a leader of Republican moderates in Congress, O'Donnell will have a hard time defeating Democrat Chris Coons in November for the Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden after he was elected vice president.
Comment by Sandra on September 12, 2010 at 10:14pm
The Delaware Primary is TUESDAY SEPT. 14 !!!

This is what we need volunteers for:

1. CALL for Christine

We need volunteers, from both in state or out of state, to make calls to Delaware Republicans and share the excitement about Christine that you have.

-Go to and click the Call for Christine� button.

-Click on the button. Create an account.

-We'll send you an email when your account is activated.

-Then call...Call...CALL.

2. We need volunteers to be Poll Challengers on Tuesday.

- Since most polling places are open for about 12 hours, we need volunteers to be stationed at the polling booths in 3 sets of 4 hour shifts.

- We are focusing on our top 100 polling places

- We need about 300 people for this

3. We need greeters (passing out literature) and Sign Wavers

- We need 2 people at each of the 100 polling places from:
~~ 7-9:30 am
~~ 11:30-1:30 pm
~~ 4:30 to 7:30 pm

We will have a training session in each county on Monday evening for volunteers wanting to help us at the polls:

New Castle: Christiana Hilton from 6-9 pm

Kent: Dover Downs Hotel from 4-8 pm

Sussex: Comfort Inn, Rehoboth Beach from 4-8 pm

THANK YOU, we couldn't do this without good people like you!
*** REMINDER! ***
Americans For Liberty is holding a meeting tomorrow night, Monday Sept. 13 at 17 Eastmans Rd. Parsippany to make phone calls for Christine, as well as to discuss the various volunteer opportunities to help one of own Congressional Candidates, Anna Little (6).

Please come with your cell phones & chargers.

If not you, who. If not now, when? WE CAN DO THIS!

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