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This is a terriffic analogy I.........I thought you would all enjoy it!

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Installing Tyranny is Like Mowing a Lawn

June 30, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when you mow a lawn, you must start at some point and make overlapping passes, since it is not possible to do it all instantly. Mowing a lawn has to be done in stages. No matter how much the person on the mower wants the chore to be done it takes multiple passes to do the job. There are many things in life that are like this. One of them is going from a state of liberty to a state of tyranny.

No matter how much the hopeful tyrant wants to start oppressing people immediately, he or she must take it in swipes. They cannot be too big, else people will wake up, and they cannot be too small, else the would be tyrant might run out of time. There is an art to moving a people from liberty to tyranny, just like mowing a lawn.

Since neither can be done immediately both activities need a starting point. In both, the best spot to start is the most convenient corner, in the lawn or society. Find some dark corner and pass laws that deny some disliked element their rights. Step on them to the delight of onlookers. Then move on to the next group of politically disfavored people. Move in this way up the ladder of society until all elements have fallen into line.

Like the weekend landscaper uses a mower, the tyrant wanna be, uses the power of government. It is the mower that does the real work, the guy or gal just guides it around the lawn, as it is the mechanism of government that does the real work of oppressing, the tyro tyrant just guides the Leviathan around. This has an added benefit, when taking too big a bite and people start to open their eyes, one can simply point to the bureaucracy and blame it, until we loose interest and return to our distractions again.

The adolescent tyrant even tries to appear as though they want liberty just as a home owner fertilizes their lawn. As power is amassed the tyrantoid bestows extra “rights” on his people, like abortion, gay marriage, assisted suicide and so forth, claiming to be the angelic benefactor who understands real “rights” versus old fashioned Rights, like freedom of, speech, self defense, religion, property and so forth. Even people who have no stake in the society or government are given the very Rights taken from the masses. Groups are turned against groups as each vie for political favor to get the “rights” bestowed by the government, who is... the person who lusts to be tyrant.

It is always wise to create distractions when a tyrantesque is caught. As scandal is raging, forward some absurd law, regulation or initiative, one that will destroy the economy and put thousands out of work. Label it green or for the children and stand under moral grounds. The conversation will be turned from the scandal, to the imminent destruction of the economy, and the tyrantette is off Scott free. Let's see, some absurd initiatives that could work might be... carbon credits for climate change, or maybe amnesty for illegal immigrants would be another.

No one has ever gone to bed in liberty and awoken in tyranny. The process is always and everywhere done gradually... Unless by revolution. Tyranny is something that has to be done in stages like mowing a lawn. An out of the way corner is chosen to start and the landscaper makes overlapping swathes until the entire lot is done, and a neotyrant does the same thing, but with law and government. Yea, an unmowed lawn may look like chaos, but there is real diversity and productivity in a pasture, while there is total conformity enforced by a periodic mowing on a lawn. So, where do we want to live, as uniform blades of grass in a lawn or as wild flowers in a lea?


John Pepin

1 hour 10 mins ago

John, this was a great analogy! Never thought of it in that light but the logistics I had already surmised--that it is a gradual transition in starting and then it is speeded up as there are more workers set in place to weed, mow, fertilize, trim, and plant. Amazing! In fact I was mentioning the many things going on at the same time that is similar to ants--everything is in place and working like clock work at the same time to destroy this land and Liberty. … More


II like the imagery of 'wildflowers in a Lea"...........


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The liberal progressive democrat machine has been mowing the lawn of Liberty for years. Tyranny has already begun to grow . . . . like hated weed.

Philip, Maybe WE are meant to be the "Round-Up" that will bring those weeds to heel.

In 2010 we were far more active in the process than we were in 2012.......2010 sent us to townhall meetings and our voices were heard...the results were that we took back the House and gained seats in the Senate.

We need to get fired up once more and shout from the roof tops that only TRUE CONSERVATIVES will be supported and more of these RINO's.

Marco Rubio has been a great dissapointment and there are rumors that the voters in Fla are NOT HAPPY [no feliz`] with his pathetic sell out to Schumer........some have started recall petitians.

We cannot only be active during election years.....the progressives NEVER STOP and are ALWAYS on the "same page" portrating a 'unified front' to the "Low Information Voters" while the Republicans party is represented by Karl Rove, Dick [the toe sucker] Morris, and Newt Gingrich.........Their time is OVER and our voices should be loud and clear about our standards & beliefs...those hoping for a seat in the House or Senate had best HONESTLY reflect those beliefs or go back to their 'day jobs' and leave us alone.

They MUST be tested at every turn on their knowledge of the Constitution........the way it IS, not the way they "wish" is could be.

Obama won this last election for two basic reasons:

1] Voter Fraud. and

2] 3 MILLION "Conservatives" who decided to take their marbles and stay home rather than vote for a moderate Mitt Romney.

At least Mitt is a TRUELY DECENT human being.......

We HAVE GOT to make them HEAR US!

[obviously they will now that the NSA will be monitoring our phone calls and emails. Clear violations of our 4th Amendment RIGHT to freedom from illegal search and siezure!]


We've been at this war with tyranny for quite a while Kathryn . . . . . how's your stamina holding up?

I get a burst of renewed anger fueled by the peril I feel for our nation with every revelation about Obama corruption.

  My anger precedes my move to a more thoughtful process ending in ubiquitous political activity.

Mentally, I'm STILL a young patriot!

Bring on the REVOLUTION!!!

Sen. Rubio will not get my vote again nor will he get any support for his re-election because of his vote on the immigration bill. These Rinos will be primed. When we called, there was no answer from his office.







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