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It appears only a few ignorant souls residing in America and labelling themselves progressives, the left, liberals, and the like are still in the dark as to the facts and truth that 0bama's birth certificate is a forgery. The rest of the world is not so ignorant, nor so blind as to what is going on. I guess some people never learn. says the following: (NOTE this was stated back almost a year ago and we are still clueless in America today.)  Well not quite so clueless, because Arpiao's Posse has given us undeniable proof of what the world already knows.:

Below by By Wayne Madsen, 4-28-11 

"World intelligence agencies: Obama's long form birth certificate a rank forgery
From intelligence agencies around the world, the verdict on President Obama's newly-released certificate of live birth from Hawaii is in: the certificate is a rank forgery on the same level as the Niger "yellow cake" uranium and Iraq Oil Ministry forged documents.
Intelligence and law enforcement services are experts on fake documents since they have to deal with large numbers of counterfeit documents, such as birth certificates, passports, identity cards and driver's licenses, as well as currency. Intelligence
agencies are also experts at forging their own documents for their clandestine agents.
Within 24-hours of the release of the long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, intelligence agencies from Britain and China to Germany and Russia examined the document and concluded it was a forgery based on the fact that Barack H. Obama Sr.'s race, listed as "African," was a monumental error, considering that not only the United States, but other English-speaking nations described Africans and those of African descent as either "Negroes" or "blacks" in 1961."

I wonder if anyone can imagine how ridiculous OUR country looks to the rest of the world by the mere fact that we allow this farce to continue because we are either too stupid or too scared to do anything about it - well there IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO! AND IT IS LEGAL!!!!

It is up to the Secretary of State IN EACH STATE to approve who is on the ballot and that is to be done by proof that the CANDIDATE meets all the qualifications to run for the office of president.  Sheriff Arpaio's posse has found substantial evidence and proof that not only is the birth certificate a forgery, but so is his Selective Service card a forgery. And more is coming to light as this goes forward. So what can we do with this information?

First be aware that the sheriff's have evidence enough that they can arrest anyone who presents to the Sec. of State a forged document such as "0"'s birth certificate.  It is against the law to be in possession of forged documents and/or to use them.  WE CITIZENS can ask that they arrest anyone who presents 0bama's forged document because that PERSON is committing an illegal act.
Further, we can remind the Sec. of State "of our perspective states" that he/she in turn can be arrested for being in possession of and using said forged documents.

Now if you really want a solution, this is one viable and a legal one we can follow. So my suggestion is GRAB YOURSELF BY THE BOOTSTRAPS, AND GET MOVING! WE HAVE WORK TO DO AND THAT IS SAVING OUR COUNTRY FROM THIS FRAUD!!!

I doubt there will be any media news coverage of this latest statement by Lord Monckton, but please go here and read it for yourself. He states that while he is 'no birther', and certainly he would not be, at the same time he clearly sees that the birth certificate offered by 0bama is a definite forgery.

Any law enforcement officer who wants to can walk into the White House and arrest 0bama based on the probably cause found by the MCSO Cold Case Posse. Anybody who presents a certified copy of that BC to a state Secretary of State can be charged with offering a false instrument for filing and criminal possession of a forged instrument. So we need to be calling our Secretary of State and when somebody shows up to show that birth certificate is 0bama's eligibility to run for office, insist that he be arrested and so charged. If this was done in every state in the Union, we wouldn't have to worry about him running for office or being re-elected.

Birther's around the world unite:

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It's another small step each of us can take to save our nation from destruction from within.

One small step for us, one giant step for restoration of Constitutional Republic @USA!!

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