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I have noted that many elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, called upon America to unite behind Obama. Well, I want to make it clear to all who will listen that uniting behind Obama will lead to disaster! Not because of his color, but for his character. I was proud to see a young man of his race elected, finally, for not only do I stand here representing Liberty, I also stand proudly for equality!

I will respect the Office which he holds, because it belongs to all Americans-he’s only a transient tenant, and I will acknowledge his abilities as an orator and wordsmith and pray for his soul, BUT that is it. One thing is sure, he must only be a one-term President!...and a Lame Duck, as quickly as possible. The latter can be accomplished in the 2010 elections.

Why am I doing this?

It is because Obama's vision for America is jaded, and perverse;
His Abortion beliefs spell Death to the Unborn Posterity whose rights were secured by the Founders in the very first sentence of the Constitution, the Preamble, which he swore to uphold, and are amoral and perverse;
His radical Marxist's concept of re-distributing wealth ignores charity, and is immoral;
His view that the military should be reduced by 25% is treasonous, and dangerous;
His spiritual beliefs are inscrutable, and may not even exist;
His beliefs on how to reform the healthcare system in America are audaciously seditious and presumptuous, and obviously designed to bankrupt us;
His Strategic views of the Middle East are Pro-Muslim; and,
His plan to negotiate with terrorist regimes such as Iran is either foolish or treasonous.

Bottom line, my America is vastly different from Obama's, and I have a higher obligation to my Country and to God to do what is Right!

For eight (8) years, the Liberals in our Society, led by numerous, depraved, perverted entertainers who would have no platform and no real credibility but for their celebrity status, have attacked America’s traditional values, her families, and spiritual beliefs! They have not moved toward the center in their beliefs and their philosophies, and they never came together nor compromised their personal beliefs for the betterment of this Nation!

They have been a vocal and irreverent minority for years; and now they are drunk on power...they have mocked and attacked the very core values so important to the founding and growth of our Country! They have portrayed my America as a land where everything is tolerated except being intolerant! This is not what Dr. King taught!

They have made every effort to remove the name of God or Jesus Christ from our Society, striving to uphold Allah and Marx! They have challenged capital punishment, the right to bear firearms, and the most basic principles of our criminal code; they have attacked one of the most fundamental of all Freedoms, the right of free speech!

I am sure many of you who read this think that I am going overboard...too far, but I will refuse to retreat one more inch in favor of those whom I believe are the embodiment of Evil!

His predecessor may have made mistakes during his Presidency, maybe not, and I shall leave it to history to judge him. However, I believe that he weighed his decisions in light of the long established Christian principles of our Founding Fathers!!!

All I know at this point in time, is that I’M STILL STANDING....SHINING LIBERTY’S LIGHT, holding out the Hope of this Nation for all the world to see. That’s thanks in no small part to Mr. Bush, and our magnificent men and women in uniform, not ACORN.

Majority rules in America , and we should honor the concept; however, my duty as I see it clearly and presently, is be a voice in opposition to Mr. Obama and "his agenda."

I, like the spikes on my crown, will be a thorn in the side of those who, if left unchecked, would destroy our Country!! Compromise of traditional values is nothing more than capitulation! The light I shine to the world will now surely serve as a warning beacon....Hands Off!!...until we settle this democratically in our 2010 elections, ...and beyond.

I pray that the results of this past election will have taught many who have sat on the sidelines and allowed the Socialist-Marxist, anti-God crowd to try to slowly creep in and change so much of what has been good in America a good lesson in civic duty!

Mr. Obama is nothing more than a community organizer, not fit, and not Presidential.
We need to take him back to civics class and show him that, though HE may be blind to America’s inherent nobility, he cannot ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of millions of Americans for very long. We refuse to be HUSTLED, Chicago-style, with his “fast-track” tactics.

........"Error of Opinion may be tolerated where Reason is left free to combat it."
-Thomas Jefferson

Citizens of America,
Thank you...
-A Lady of Liberty
New York, New York



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I bow to the Lady who once represented the Land of the Free and the Promised Land to those that were willing to work and die for their new found Freedom. My parents were proud to stand before her and call her their own.

God Bless America the Land of the Free and the Brave, long may she stand by the Grace of God and her Patriots.
Beautifully written!
Amen, Lady Liberty,
Even the Statue of Liberty is on our side, how can we fail?








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